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End of Windows XP Support Exposes 75% of U.S. Corporations to Security Threats

Based on IT Asset Management Data From 699 U.S. Customers, SysAid Finds That 3 Out of 4 Organizations Have at Least One Machine Running Windows XP

Tel Aviv, Israel – April 11, 2014 - SysAid Technologies Ltd., a leading provider of IT service management (ITSM) solutions, announced today that 75% percent of American corporations are now exposed to security threats due to Microsoft’s decision to end support for Windows XP on April 8. These at-risk corporations have at least one XP computer, and 15% of American corporations are running more than half of their machines on XP. In total, 27% of corporate computers still run the Windows XP operating system.

SysAid’s statistics rely on data from 699 American corporations on SysAid’s Cloud ITSM platform that use IT Asset Management (ITAM) to monitor their machines. The vulnerability statistics are based on a sample of more than 150,000 Windows machines.

"In the U.S., the number of security vulnerabilities caused by Microsoft’s decision to end Windows XP support is staggering,” said Sarah Lahav, CEO of SysAid. “XP is a now a 13 year old operating system, but it is extremely popular throughout corporations that process and store sensitive information like credit cards, social security numbers and national security information."

On April 3, Gartner estimated that up to a quarter of enterprise machines still run Windows XP—just 2 percentage points short of SysAid's finding. The Washington Post also reported that 10% of several million government machines run Windows XP, including those that operate on classified military and diplomatic networks. While VentureBeat claims that the governments of the U.K., the Netherlands and allegedly China have coughed up millions to extend Windows XP support, the overwhelming majority of users will not have such luck.

"I believe Microsoft has a responsibility to protect its customers from security threats, but organizations need to be pragmatic and carry out OS upgrades throughout their networks," advised Lahav. "Hackers only need to breach one Windows XP machine to get access to an entire network and its data."

Organizations use SysAid ITSM for wide variety of IT functions, including asset management, service desk, mobile device management and now patch management, which allows organizations to remotely update the operating system and popular programs on thousands of Windows machines with one click. As an ITSM solutions provider, SysAid is helping clients navigate the end of Windows XP and transition to Windows 7 or 8, both of which will continue to receive regular security updates.

"If you're still using Windows XP, you’re not alone, but you need to reduce your pool of XP machines to zero to eliminate the security gaps that hackers are already exposing," added Lahav.

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