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SysAid IT 7.5 is the First IT Management Solution to Offer a Full Mobile Platform for IT Professionals to Monitor and Manage Helpdesk Requests and IT Assets on the Go

Tel Aviv, Israel – November 10, 2010 – SysAid Technologies Ltd., (, a leading global provider of IT Service Management (ITSM) and Customer Service Support (CSS) software, launched today the latest release of its help desk software, SysAid IT 7.5. The new solution is the Company’s official release that supports all leading mobile technology platforms and offers IT helpdesk and asset management applications for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android.

SysAid IT 7.5 also includes a new Comprehensive Online Help Platform, designed to help users take advantage of all of SysAid’s IT management tools and to maximize the user experience. The content of the Online Help feature is regularly updated by SysAid and is also integrated with the SysAid Community so that users can post individual comments and advice on a variety of subjects.

"IT managers are not only responsible for keeping each machine in their network up and running, but also for keeping the entire department running smoothly as a whole," said Israel Lifshitz, founder and CEO of SysAid. "This is an immense amount of information to keep track of. The mobile applications and the Online Help Platform were both developed to ensure that the information administrators need at any given time is not only easily accessible, but always current."

The release also features an IT Calendar, which enables end-users to access their network's IT calendar, and view the IT Manager's availability. Users are also able to check the status of their service request, including when it was submitted and when it is due. In addition, since the calendar is completely integrated with the help-desk, end-users may be automatically notified of network maintenance or other events that are relevant to them.

Another significant addition is the Archived Assets Tool, which allows IT Managers to automatically disable all functionality for assets that are no longer in use, as well as access records of an asset's history, even if it longer exists in the network.

SysAid IT 7.5 also provides the ability to view a list of recently accessed items, allowing users to go back and forth between tasks more easily. In addition, it features advanced customization options and optimized SNMP scanning to improve efficiency.

"With customers spanning multiple geographies and industries, SysAid genuinely understands the importance of ease-of-use as and the significance of customization options," added Lifshitz. "The improvements introduced in SysAid IT 7.5 are designed to further meet the needs of each of our customers and to enhance the overall SysAid experience."

SysAid IT is used in more than 60,000 organizations world-wide, across all industries and company sizes, from SMB’s to large enterprises. The IT Helpdesk solution is available as SaaS or in-house delivery models, in Pro and Enterprise editions. A comprehensive version is also available free of charge to small businesses with fewer than 100 users.

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