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New Product Joins Blackberry and iPhone Applications, Allowing IT Management Maximum Flexibility and Efficiency

Tel Aviv, Israel – September 21, 2010 - SysAid Technologies Ltd., (, a leading global provider of ITSM (IT Service Management) and Customer Service Support (CSS) software, launched today its new Android IT Help desk Application. The free application, available for download in the Android Market, will enable IT professionals to more easily monitor and manage help desk requests and IT assets in real time.

This announcement follows the recent launch of parallel applications for Blackberry and iPhone and makes SysAid the world's only IT Service Management company with mobile help desk solutions for today's most popular mobile technology platforms.


The growth of the mobile computing industry has made it possible for users to communicate and conduct business while outside the office as nearly anything that can be done with a desktop computer can be done on the move. With the introduction of the IT Help desk Application for Android, SysAid is ensuring that its users maintain high levels of efficiency, whether at their desk or on the move.

"In today's world of mobile communications, business should never have to stop," said Israel Lifshitz, founder and CEO of SysAid. "Companies need to know that they can rely on their IT management at all times. As we have seen with our applications for iPhone and Blackberry, mobility allows IT management teams to enjoy maximum efficiency, translating into greater productivity."

As SysAid's thousands of customers around the world primarily use iPhone, Blackberry or Android, the Company created mobile help desk applications for each platform in order to provide its customers with mobile IT Help desk solutions regardless of the technology being used, becoming the world's first IT Service Management company to have done so.

The SysAid mobile application facilitates complete accessibility and control over service requests, including viewing, prioritizing, filtering, updating, and customizing requests, all in a specially designed mobile interface. Users can also view and manage hardware, software and manufacturer details of computers, printers and other IT assets.

The application is free of charge and is compatible with SysAid IT 7.0.05, the latest version of SysAid's user-friendly IT Service Management software. Designed to help automate IT processes and increase efficiency, SysAid IT is built on ITIL best practices and provides a variety of practical tools to monitor and optimize everything from Help desk, to Asset Management and Reporting. Scalable editions of the software are available as on-premise or SaaS (Software as a Service) for businesses of any size, while a free version is offered to small businesses with less than 100 users.

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