Digitization Comes to the Rescue in the City of Allen, Texas

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"SysAid has been a godsend."
Peggy Robinette, Helpdesk Supervisor



The city’s IT service desk was highly manual, yet had to support hundreds of office workstations and vehicle-deployed mobile data computers.

Service management faced a lot of inconsistencies and wasted time, which directly impacted the speed and efficiency of first response during emergencies.

The tools and system in use lacked the functionality, flexibility, and scalability the municipality needed.

SysAid’s Self-Service Portal and the hotkey enable end users to quickly submit a ticket.

Automatic routing and escalation of tickets according to predefined prioritization, from emergency first response to administrative offices.

Automated SysAid workflows replaced cumbersome manual processes.

84% fewer tickets created by IT staff after introduction of the self-service portal.

Detailed analytics and reporting shows city officials the volume and value of the IT department’s work.

IT administrators are freed from routine organizational work, focusing instead on higher value contributions.