SysAid Self-Service Password Reset

SysAid's Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) module lets end users securely reset their domain passwords, and unlock suspended accounts, by themselves without the need for IT support’s assistance.

Reduce Support Costs and Improve Productivity

Leading analyst firms state that circa 40% of help desk calls relate to password reset or account lockout. SysAid's Self-Service Password Reset module offers company-wide benefits for customers by reducing the calls to the IT help desk (and potentially reducing the required level of help desk staffing) and minimizing end-user downtime (and the associated loss of end-user productivity). Please try this self-service password reset ROI calculator to estimate your potential cost savings from using a self-service password reset capability.

Immediate Resolution for End Users

Without unnecessary delay, or the need for IT support personnel involvement, end users can quickly reset their own domain passwords or unlock their accounts. SysAid Self-Service Password Reset can be conveniently accessed via your Windows logon screen or via:

  • The SysAid Self-Service Portal using a colleague’s network-connected computer
  • Any shared computer that can access a webpage with an embedded Self-Service Password Reset icon
  • A mobile phone or tablet


Improve ROIAccess for End Users
SysAid Self-Service Password Reset: Reduced Support Costs
SysAid Self-Service Password Reset: Better for End Users

Password Self-Service Wizard

A SysAid Self-Service Password Reset wizard allows end users to reset their domain password, or to unlock their account, by themselves. After successful authentication, end users will quickly receive a new password via a method you specify in advance:

  • End users can immediately select a new password via the Self-Service Password Reset wizard
  • The Self-Service Password Reset wizard can send the end user a temporary password to a secondary email account
  • The Self-Service Password Reset wizard can send the end user a temporary password via SMS

Custom Notifications and Reports

After completing the Self-Service Reset Password Wizard and setting the reset password method as either email or SMS, an end user receives a notification containing the end user’s new password. You can edit the the SMS and email notification text from the translation file under Settings > Customize > Translation within SysAid.

Administrators can receive email, SMS, or incident record notifications when an end user completes one of the Self Service Password Reset wizards. To configure these notifications, go to Settings > Password Services > Notifications and follow the instructions found there.

SysAid Self-Service Password Reset contains five reports you can use to keep up-to-date on all activities in the Password Reset module. You may access these reports from Analytics > Overview > Reports.

Identity Verification with Specialized Security Questions

Each end user enrolls in SysAid Password Reset by answering a selection of built-in or custom security questions. IT admins can control and customize the security questions, and mark specific questions as mandatory.

Custom Settings for Maximum Security

  • Fully compliant with your existing LDAP policies, including password length, complexity, and more
  • Display Word Verification (Captcha) prevents abuse
  • A limited number of failed attempts, to answer security questions, are allowed before SysAid locks the account
  • When a temporary password is sent to an end user, it expires after a defined time interval

SysAid Password Reset is an optional module for both the SysAid ITSM and SysAid Help Desk editions.