SysAid Self-Service Portal

The SysAid Self-Service Portal lets end users submit incidents, request services, view IT announcements, chat with IT support people, consult the Knowledge Base for self-help, reset domain passwords or unlock accounts, and more.

Provide 24/7 Self-Service and Self-Help Capabilities

Provide your end users with 24/7 self-service and self-help capabilities, accessible from their PCs and their mobile devices, to:

  • Submit incident tickets
  • Request new IT services (please note that the ability to differentiate between incident and service request records, and to launch a workflow process that exists in requests and not in incidents, is only available in SysAid ITSM)
  • See local or global IT announcements
  • Track ticket status
  • Access knowledge articles to resolve issues by themselves
  • Access self-service FAQs
  • Initiate chat conversations with IT support staff
  • Self-help with Password Services
  • Remotely access personal desktops (My Desktop)
  • Update their personal information
  • View a calendar showing the important dates for their tickets

Access Change Management Capabilities

The SysAid Self-Service Portal also allows authorized change management process participants to perform advanced tasks such as:

  • Reviewing and approving (or rejecting) change requests
  • Viewing and completing assigned action items
  • Seeing the change process and details in a PDF
SysAid Help Desk Self-Service Portal

Hotkey and Ticket Submission

End users can quickly access the Self-Service Portal by pressing a hotkey assigned to SysAid. This logs them into the self-service system and automatically attaches their asset’s details to the submitted ticket. This hotkey can also be configured to automatically take a screenshot of the screen they are viewing and open the new self-service ticket with the screenshot automatically attached. Additionally, end users can:

  • Choose from pre-populated self-service Quick List templates of common issues
  • Indicate the urgency of the issue they are facing
  • Attach other files for your reference or review

Access to the Calendar, Announcements, and Self-Service FAQs

  • The Self-Service Portal Calendar shows end users the important dates related to their tickets, the dates/times of planned service outages and maintenance windows, as well as any other IT events that you may want to share with all users or specific groups of users
  • The Announcements section allows you to post important events, issues, and news to your end users
  • Build and share a self-service FAQ database with the answers to common questions
  • Also provide easy "how-to" instructions and videos, so end users can quickly and easily resolve issues by themselves

With the SysAid ITSM edition, you can support multiple versions of the Self-Service Portal.