System and Interfaces

SysAid’s usefulness and reach can be enhanced through integrations with other corporate applications and systems. With LDAP integration, email integration, API, and more, SysAid seamlessly becomes a part of your corporate IT environment.

LDAP Integration (Active Directory)

SysAid’s LDAP integration allows you to upload end-user information into SysAid to let end users access SysAid Help Desk, or SysAid ITSM, via their active directory passwords.

Email Integration

Incoming email integration allows you to automatically: create new incident records from incoming emails; log all end-user responses within an incident or service request record; and update the record status when an end user responds.
  • All emails sent from within tickets are saved as correspondence in the email message log
  • Incident and service request records can send automatic notifications to IT support personnel and end users
  • You can also enable email notifications for monitoring
  • Receive critical email updates about escalated incidents or service requests

SMS/Text Message Integration

SysAid offers out-of-the-box SMS/text message integration using leading service providers, with the option to add your own service provider should you wish to do so. You can choose which scenarios trigger text messages, such as monitoring alerts or unassigned high-priority incidents. You can also configure text messages to include the details you need to understand the situation you are being alerted to.


System and Interfaces: Email Integration


Integrate SysAid with your external applications and write your own code to create, retrieve, update, and delete SysAid entities.

Database Integration

SysAid supports the following databases: Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, and internal Derby databases.

Web Server Integration

SysAid can integrate with IIS and Apache web servers.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Integrated windows authentication. Set up SysAid to automatically recognize users who are logged in to your environment without requiring them to log into SysAid (for SysAid On-Premise).
  • Identity Service Provider. Log in to SysAid through any identity service provider that supports SAML / CAS / OpenID.

Import Asset Data from CSV Files

You can import and update asset data using a CSV (comma-separated values) file. This capability allows you to easily migrate data from another system and allows you to set up integrations with external asset management databases.

Audit Log

SysAid Audit Log allows you to view all the events that have occurred in SysAid. These events include:

  • Changes to account defaults
  • Network discovery scans
  • Notes that administrators leave when they change settings
  • And more

Multi-Company Support

Provide effective and organized support to multiple companies, business units, clients, and locations.

Secured Communication (SSL)

SysAid supports secured communication through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

For information about SysAid ITSM integrations with third-party software, please click here.