SysAid Change Management Software

SysAid ITSM’s change management software will help you to better control and manage change requests (RFCs) and the changes themselves. You can either use SysAid's pre-configured ITIL best-practice templates or create your own change process templates, including multi-level risk assessment and authorization.

Change Management Based On ITIL Best Practices

SysAid ITSM’s ITIL-aligned change management software and its capabilities will help you to assess the risk of every change in advance, and use the change management approval process to ensure that all changes are in line with your change policy and business strategies before they are executed ﹘ where ITIL is the IT service management (ITSM) best practice framework formerly known as the IT Infrastructure Library.

Use SysAid’s change management software to help those involved in the change management process achieve what ITIL defines as the objectives of change management:

  • Responding to changing business requirements while maximizing value and reducing incidents, business disruption, and re-work
  • Responding to the business and IT requests for change that will better align IT services with business needs
  • Ensuring that all changes are recorded and evaluated, and that authorized changes are prioritized, planned, tested, implemented, documented, and reviewed in a controlled manner
  • Ensuring that all changes to configuration items are recorded in the configuration management database (CMDB)
  • Optimizing, and reducing where possible, the overall business risk
If ITIL’s change management best practice isn’t right for you and your organization, then with SysAid ITSM, it’s easy to configure the out-of-the-box change management process. SysAid’s change management software can be tailored to your exact needs and operational processes.


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SysAid ITSM: Change Management

Ensure That All Changes Are Approved Via Workflow

With SysAid’s change management software, all changes follow your company’s agreed change management policies and chain of approval process to ensure that all affected parties can consider the implications of the change before it occurs.

To ensure that all the necessary change and risk information is available to these decision makers, workflow templates outline the order in which each change action item occurs, and each item can be made dependent upon the action that occurs before it.

For example, if the CIO is responsible for final approval of a non-standard change, the CIO will not receive a change notification for action until after all the other members of the change team (or change advisory board (CAB)) have completed their tasks. A full audit history of the authorizations and approvals during the workflow is available for later review.

Built-In and Customizable Templates for Change Scenarios

SysAid’s change management software is preconfigured with both basic and advanced change templates to help you quickly plan, consider, approve, and execute changes. All change templates are fully configurable to suit any change scenario in your organization, and you can create an unlimited number of change templates to support both simple and complex changes. With custom workflows, you can also divide complex change processes into systematic parts and activities for key change contributors.

  • Enter all change activities and assign the activities to those who will carry out the tasks
  • Set targeted notes, action items, and automatic change notifications for different personnel
  • Permission-based workflows ensure that change details are only accessed by authorized participants

Get Full Organizational Participation in the Change Process

IT changes do not occur in a vacuum; they normally have implications for the non-IT employees (and their processes) and thus often require their participation too.

SysAid’s change management software makes it easy for you to increase the transparency of your change processes such that anyone within your organization can contribute to a successful change when needed.

  • Involve all interested parties via the change management workflows
  • Keep your CAB fully informed with change-overview PDFs, detailed notes, and change notifications
  • Those involved can participate in the change management process via the SysAid Self-Service Portal
  • All assigned IT personnel can easily participate in the change process and act when their part of the process is due

Change Management Software that Just Works with Your Other ITSM Processes

SysAid’s change management software is fully integrated with the SysAid ITSM suite to help you easily transfer data and knowledge between people and processes. Key examples are:

  • Service desk. Changes are connected to the corresponding incidents and will automatically update the incident as the change progresses.
  • CMDB. Easily see if a particular configuration item is involved in a change and visualize the potential business impact.
  • Problem management. Link problems to the changes that caused them.

See the Business Impact of Requested Changes

SysAid’s configuration management database (CMDB) will help you to predict the impact of changes, and the associated potential for incidents. With the SysAid CMDB, it’s easy to visualize the relationships between your configuration items (IT assets, services, etc.) and to predict the business impact of any change before it is agreed to. With this information, you can better assess the risks of the change and schedule changes to be executed at the best possible time.

Benefit from SysAid Mobile Apps

Manage change management tasks and change approvals while on-the-move with SysAid Mobile Apps.

SysAid's change management software is certified for ITIL compatibility with PinkVERIFY™ v3.1.

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