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SysAid 15.2 On-Premise Release

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SysAid 15.3.60 [Cloud]

Released: October 2015

Set a Default Home Page After Login

Admins can now determine which SysAid page functions as their account's default home page.

SysAid 15.3.50 Highlights [Cloud]

Released: August 2015

This release includes several resolved bugs requested by customers.

SysAid 15.3.40 Highlights [Cloud]

Released: August 2015

Easily Attach SR Files to Emails

Now admins have the ability to select files to be attached to an SR email message.

SysAid 15.3.30 Highlights [Cloud]

Released: August 2015

Touched Up Menu Bar Icons

The main menu bar has been enhanced with a new, more modern look and feel.

Improved Password Service Interface

The Password Service window contains a more robust and secure interface when admins access it from a locked computer.

SysAid 15.3.20 Highlights [Cloud]

Released: July 2015

This release includes several resolved bugs requested by customers.

SysAid 15.3.10 Highlights [Cloud]

Released: July 2015

View Calendars of Other Admins in the Same Group

A new administrator permission allows admins to access the calendar of other admins who are members of their groups.

Automatically Sync User Records with CSV File via the RDS

The Remote Discovery Service (RDS) can now be scheduled to sync with an external .csv file to automatically modify the user records in SysAid according to changes made in the spreadsheet.

SysAid 15.3 Highlights [Cloud]

Released: June 2015

Demote Admins to End Users

SysAid administrators can change multiple admins to end users from the administrator list.

Reset All Column Filters

SysAid lists now include a button to reset all column filters in the list in just one click.

Approve or Deny an Action Item Directly from an Email Notification

Admins can now embed links in action item email notifications that allow end users to approve or deny an action item without opening it.

SysAid 15.2 Highlights

Released: May 2015

New 3rd Party Integrations

A new page in SysAid allows you to add third-party integrations with SysAid from within the product. Here is a selection of our most recent integrations:

  • Google Apps
  • Bomgar
  • LogMeIn Rescue 
  • Dell Web Services

"For us at Crawshaw Academy, SysAid and Google Apps provide a great combination of educational and IT support tools. One of the biggest time savers for us is that Gmail users can be redirected from the 'reset password' link directly to SysAid’s 'Password Self-Service Portal' that synchronises the change across all applications, thereby eradicating the need for us to manage user passwords for any service or application."

Craig Boyle,
ICT Network Manager,
Crawshaw Academy, UK

Enhancements to Action Item Dependencies

Action Item automatic dependencies are now more flexible, with the ability to append values in action item fields onto existing values and to push data from action items into previous action items as well as into the Details tab.

Categories by Group

Admins can now limit a category's visibility in the End-User Portal to specific user groups.

More Flexible Agent Settings

Agent settings can now be updated simultaneously for multiple assets without uninstalling and reinstalling the agents.

Retrieve Agent Logs

Admins can now download the agent logs for an asset to assist in troubleshooting agent-related issues.

New Animated Summary

IT administrators can display key IT stats in a short, entertaining, and shareable animated video.

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