SysAid Receives the IT Service Management "Stamp of Approval"

Pink Elephant ITILSysAid has been awarded with Pink Elephant’s PinkVERIFY™ v3.1 status—a designation only applied to service management tools that Pink Elephant has objectively assessed as meeting the functional requirements for ITIL compatibility. PinkVERIFY™ v3.1 certification verifies that SysAid is in alignment with ITIL processes, specifically for: Change Management, Incident Management, and Problem Management.

In other words, SysAid is officially certified as ITIL compatible and our PinkVERIFY status validates that SysAid supports IT Service Management best practices.

In case you’re wondering who Pink Elephant is, they aren’t prancing pink elephants that award ITIL compatibility with the touch of a wand. Pink Elephant is one of the world’s leading IT service management consulting organizations and resources for ITIL, and the only licensed software assessor authorized by the OGC.

Essentially, PinkVERIFY assesses Service Management tools' compatibility with the ITIL framework and certifies tools that meet the functional criteria for the ITIL process. Pink Elephant has been doing what they do successfully for 20 years, and are considered the most prestigious third-party around.

If you’re asking yourself why ITIL is so important, we’ll sum it up for you right here: ITIL is a set of best practices adapted to address the specific needs of an organization; it is currently the most credible framework from which companies can use to match up their procedures and processes.  Aligning procedures and processes with ITIL helps organizations better handle IT projects and optimize the services that run over complex IT data infrastructures.

As you can see, ITIL plays a critical role in successful IT management, which is why SysAid's PinkVERIFY status is a valuable verification for customers to have--even if just to sleep better at night knowing you have the best.

So, we’re happy to tell customers that SysAid has been awarded with PinkVERIFY status--attesting to our commitment to ITIL best practices and guarantee that we help customers run their IT departments as quickly and efficiently as possible.