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5 Ways to Stay Healthy as an IT Admin

By | May 29, 2013 in Service Desk

For many of us in the IT Service Management world, our time at work takes up the majority of our waking life. Glued to our technology and hunched over our keyboards, it seems like there’s no time to focus on health in the office. But while having a great career does involve certain sacrifices along the way, your health shouldn’t be one of them. Here are 5 basic and easy tips that will keep you physically and mentally sound at the office.


1. Take a Hike, Literally

Well not literally, but you should get up, walk around, and stretch. We spend on average 40 hours a WEEK sitting at a desk, which can cause muscle pain and have other adverse effects. Stand up and move around every 30 minutes, and always use the stairs, not the elevator. It’ll keep your body awake and your mind more focused. If you can leave your cubicle, take a 15 minute break and walk outside. Mobile apps, like SysAid Mobile Apps, give IT admins the ability to manage tickets on-the-go—so they can take a quick stroll around the block without having to worry about missing a ticket.

2. Posture Counts

Yes, yet another thing your mother was right about: good posture. Sit close to the workstation, put that 2,000 page HTML 4 book you never read under your monitor to keep it at eye-level, and sit with legs at a 90-degree angle resting your feet on the floor. Remember, you're spending 8+ hours sitting in a chair almost every day, so investing in a high quality chair will also help you keep a correct posture.

3. Easy on Your Eyes

Give your eyes regular rests from looking at the screen for about five minutes every one to two hours of computer use. You can stay productive by using that time to make phone calls or set meetings. Customize your view in your IT Help Desk to make lists wider, cleaner, and generally easier to read. SysAid lets you customize lists, service requests, and more--so start by watching how to customize the Manager Dashboard view here. Poor lighting may also be putting your eyes at risk in the office, so make sure to adjust the screen display so the contrast is high and the brightness feels comfortable.

4. Keep it Clean

In the most non-hypochondriac way, I must tell you that bacteria, germs, and other weird microorganism lurk all over your desk. Yes, even that adorable pic of you and your significant other is covered with germs after all those sneezes and coughs that occur at the office. Use disinfecting wipes to help keep your workspace (keyboard, mouse, telephone) clean and try not to eat lunch at your desk. Besides the mood-lift you can get from having a nice, engaging conversation with a coworker at lunch, eating away from it may save you a few sick days. Check out the SysAid Hoover Desk-Vacuum for ideas about how you can keep your workspace clean at the office!

5. H2O Is Your Best Friend

One of the easiest and best things you can do at the office is to stay hydrated. Water helps your body with detoxification and digestion—strengthening your physical and mental performance. If the recommended “8 glasses a day” seems daunting, just keep a water bottle at your desk and you’ll naturally drink more. You’ll be surprised how staying hydrated can even help ease work-related stress!

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