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How We Celebrated the New Year with the SysAid Race!

By | September 12, 2013 in SysAid

SysAid celebrates Rosh Hashana/New Year 2013

Last Sunday on the 1st of September we had our annual corporate event celebrating the Jewish New Year - Rosh Hashana.

As the HR team, it was our job to arrange the event. We kept everything a secret from all SysAid employees to encourage curiosity and heighten the experience. Haha…it was devious but really fun!

The "operation" took off at 2:00 PM by sending out an email to the whole company explaining that everyone was being placed on teams. Each team got a color and received a t-shirt and hat to match. Team spirit was beginning to buzz at this point.

By 3:00 PM we all gathered in front of our building to receive instructions from the "journey manager" who also exposed the day’s mission – The Amazing Race. He explained that we will need to solve rather complicated riddles for a few hours, to move from one place to another, and to reach the final destination by evening. The confused faces, mixed with smiles and cheers, were hysterical!

After some picture taking and giving out the maps and instructions, we finally departed at 4:00 PM with each team driving away in their own jeep, complete with private driver, water bottles, and healthy snacks.

The Amazing Race

We had an incredible experience combining fun and teamwork while visiting historical sites with some of the most stunning views.

At 8:00 PM all the jeeps drove up to the final location where the big party was about to begin. But first, we wanted to symbolize the New Year by flying wish balloons (also known as sky lanterns) to the open skies. Our CEO started the ceremony by sending her balloon up with her blessings and best wishes for the company for the year to come. Then everyone else joined in, and the dark sky became dream-like with all the lights from our wish balloons.

Wish balloons/sky lanterns

Now it was time to eat and party hard! The 3-course meal was delicious and just enough to get everyone energized to dance the night away.

We, as the HR ladies, had our joy by seeing everybody smiling, dancing and just simply having a great time.

Partying with SysAid CEO Sarah Lahav

We can’t finish without wishing you all health, happiness, and fun for the upcoming New Year.

-Reut and Mor

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Reut Shoshan and Mor Goldberg, SysAid's HR ladies, were both educated in behavioral science, and bring their HR expertise to the recruitment process as well as internal company activities. Their smiling faces and super-charged energy is a constant around the SysAid offices.

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