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How Hot Is Your F11 Key?

By | March 30, 2017 in SysAid

SysAid F11 Hotkey

Hey there, long time no blog post! I’ve been working in SysAid for more than two years now, and lately it has come to my attention that many of our customers don’t know about the SysAid Agent F11 hotkey feature. This is one of our blowout, unique features which is also incredibly easy to implement and use so I felt the need to rectify this situation. Time for a quick refresh!

Simplify IT for the End User, Get the Good Life You Deserve

Anyone who works in IT and support knows how difficult it can be to get an end user to properly describe an issue that they’re having. Don’t even get me started on what happens if you ask them to provide a screen capture in a good scenario it will require launching a screen-capturing app, taking a screenshot, saving the file and sending it your way by an email or attaching it to a ticket. Not all end users know how to use, or even have, a screen-capturing app. But even if they do, it only adds more steps where something might get screwed up and delay the resolution time of the issue, i.e. the IT ticket which becomes *your* problem.

SysAid simplifies this with its F11 hotkey. When the SysAid Agent is installed on the end user’s machine, all they have to do is hit the F11 key, and SysAid will capture whatever is on their screen, and automatically open SysAid’s Self-Service Portal, in order to submit a ticket with the screen capture already attached! Unless of course, their desktop is as messy as mine, in which case you might have second thoughts about them attaching it to the ticket 😉

Cluttered desktop

Even better when an end user presses the F11 hotkey, SysAid automatically signs the user into the Self-Service Portal (no need for manual login) and selects their computer as the associated asset in the ticket making your job of identifying their machine that much easier.

F11, F12, F13 (Just Kidding) Choose What You Want

If the F11 key is already in use in your organization by another software, no problem - you can easily customize SysAid to use a different key. It can be done from the beginning when deploying your SysAid Agents, or at any time afterwards by changing the SysAid Agent settings directly from the Asset List. Simply select the relevant assets, click on “Agent Settings” in the action menu and select a different F-key, or a different key altogether (using JavaScript key code e.g. F11 has a value of 122).

Another tip is to place the SysAid desktop shortcut on your taskbar (this is what I did - see the animated GIF below). It works exactly the same as clicking the F11 (or other) function key. You can click it whenever in need, and it will perform the actions described above just as well.

Coming Soon...

Last but not least good things come to those who wait. We plan on announcing, very soon,  a new surprise related to this feature. Keep your eyes peeled!

For any questions and feedback, I encourage you to visit the SysAid Community where I’m always happy to help and/or just chat.

Danny Tashiev

About Danny Tashiev

Community Manager and a Product team member at SysAid – set on a mission to help humanity (or at least a small percentage of it on the Community forums), and make our software even greater. Working in the tech market since 2007, Danny’s gained experience in translations, information research, and a whole lot of tech support. He’s an avid reader, a long-time gamer, and a true child of the internet with a dark sense of humor and a taste for eccentric music.

4 thoughts on “How Hot Is Your F11 Key?”

  1. Avatar Ajayi Cletus

    I Am Keenly Interesting In Yovr Famous Organization To Work You As A Helpdestk In The Department Of IT Management.I Shall Be Greatful If My Request Will Be Considered And Approved


    1. SysAid SysAid

      Glad to hear you’d love to work here! Unfortunately, there are no openings now in our IT department. Sorry.


  2. Avatar Karel

    our experience with hotkey is not so positive. End users prefer email (70:30). They consider that End user portal is “to complicated”.
    Also F11 key is not best choice as default because many browsers use this key for full screen mode. It was difficult to find free key combination. We use Ctrl+Shift+F1. Input required key combination by presing those keys was problem because it pop-up End user portal instead input the key combination in the form. Is this bug fixed now?
    Despite these shortcomings I see hot key as a good function.


    1. Avatar Danny Tashiev

      Hi Karel,

      Indeed, some end-users may prefer not using the portal, but from my experience it’s a much more efficient experience for both the user and the IT.
      Regarding the hotkey – you can always re-map it like you’ve mentioned, or disable it altogether. As for the issue you have mentioned – I have not encountered it, but perhaps our customer support team could be of assistance if you’re experiencing issues. Drop them a ticket at



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