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My #1 New Year’s Resolution

By | January 24, 2013 in SysAid

2012 marked the year that SysAid got on board and embraced Social Media. Don’t get me wrong, even prior to last year we used the various social channels, like YouTube and LinkedIn, but 2012 was the year we turned a corner.

In 2012, we garnered over 3000 followers on Facebook, started a corporate Twitter account, and our industry commentator, @Joe_The_IT_Guy, is constantly getting rave reviews like this one.

While the company as a whole has some incredible plans for 2013 (new UI for the admin-side; regularly-scheduled roundtables to make sure our customers are included in our plans and even have a say in many of our decisions; brand-new website; and so much more), there is something that I can truly say is my #1 New Year’s Resolution – and that is to start a SysAid blog (well I am the Social Media & Community Manager ;).

So, let me welcome you all to the Official SysAid Blog. This is the place to go to find out where the IT industry is going, and what will be SysAid’s role in this. Yes, you’ll find all the industry buzz words as we will undertake the challenge of simplifying the accumulation of information running rampant. SysAid’s seasoned IT experts are ready to share their thoughts with you.

We hope you will visit us often and share with us your thoughts. Commenting below is easy!

Dena Wieder-Freiden

About Dena Wieder-Freiden

As SysAid’s Content Marketing Manager, Dena values most her friendships and daily conversations with the awesome IT service management (ITSM) authorities from all over the world! As they share their knowledge with her, she enjoys paying it forward to the IT community at large. Outside of work, she’s most likely at the gym, the beach, or at home watching a movie and spending time with her family.

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