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Nubo – World’s First Remote Android BYOD Launches

By | September 23, 2013 in BYOD

I just got back from TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013 and have a lot of news to share with all of you.

In 2011, I founded my second company, Nubo. Nubo is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) startup that has now officially left “stealth mode”. As many SysAid customers know, more end users than ever are bringing their smartphones and tablets to work. The trend is clear.

My CTO and I flew from Tel Aviv to San Francisco to participate in TechCrunch’s yearly event. I wanted to launch Nubo in the midst of the cream of the crop of IT startups and there’s no better place. (You can read TechCrunch’s article about Nubo here.) We set up a booth and spoke with hundreds of visitors. The techies were fascinated by Nubo’s “Android on iOS” capability (more on that below), and IT journalists wanted to know how we succeeded in virtualizing the mobile experience.

Are you curious?

When I founded SysAid, I saw the need for a comprehensive ITSM platform. There were other products out there, but none that had my "all-in-one" approach. The same goes for BYOD. My three tenets of BYOD are:

1. Native mobile experience

2. Zero work data on device

3. Identical user experience for Android and iOS

A Remote Workspace for All Mobile Devices

Nubo is a remote workspace which allows the management of one work environment for all iOS and Android devices. Employee apps, corporate data, shared files and folders are all synchronized and located in one remote environment, leaving no data on any devices and ensuring the highest level of corporate data security.

Made for Mobile

Nubo has developed what we call “UX Over IP”, a remote display protocol designed to deliver a native mobile experience. Today’s mobile users - especially BYOD’ers - expect native touch and automatic adaptation to any device's display size. If you’ve ever used a Windows to Android port, you will appreciate Nubo’s made for mobile experience.

Android on a Server, Device as a Display

With Nubo, enterprise data stays where it belongs - in a secure datacenter. We call this “Android on a server”. Users download and install the Nubo Player, which allows them to access your enterprise app store. Nubo virtualizes the data - essentially projecting it to devices. When a user session ends, no data remains on the device. We believe that this “device as a display” approach will change the BYOD landscape.

When a user misplaces a device, all you have to do is block access to his or her Nubo account. Who wants to have their tablet wiped only for it to turn up two days later?

Working Together - Android & iOS

For the younger generation, the culture wars have been replaced by the “OS wars”. Have you ever tried to convince an iPad owner to go with Android or vice versa? Nubo stays above the fray by supporting both popular mobile operating systems.

Nubo works on iOS, Android and any web browser. The Nubo app is a thin client that is accessible from any device. Two colleagues can debate the pros and cons of Android and iOS at the water cooler, but when they get down to work with Nubo, they will both enjoy the same user experience.

BYOD with Nubo

Nubo has a long way to go before it will be as successful as SysAid. I can only hope that it will have such an active user base. With that in mind, I want to invite our extended SysAid family to visit Nubo at Nubo is looking for companies to join our trial program, perhaps your company would be interested?

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Israel Lifshitz

About Israel Lifshitz

Founder of SysAid, which was created with the singular mission of simplifying the lives of IT and service desk managers all over the world. BYOD believer. Derives pure joy from testing all things mobile! In 2011, founded Nubo Software, a BYOD startup.

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