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Pink 14 Annual Conference and Exhibition Is All About the Personal Experience

By | January 28, 2014 in ITSM

Annual PINK IT service management conference

We're getting very excited now as it’s only 19 days until the Pink Elephant 18th Annual International IT Service Management Conference and Exhibition (PINK), where we will be super silver sponsors! We’re excited not just because it’s our first time at PINK, not just because it’s our first time exhibiting at an ITSM conference in the US, but because it gives us an opportunity to meet all of you lovely people who are as passionate about ITSM as we are!

It’s Not All About Selling

Now let’s be honest, we know that you know that for most vendors these sorts of shows are all about sell, sell, selling! You know what we’re talking about, right? Where you can’t even walk past a booth without a scanner being pointed at your chest to relieve your badge of all of your personal details? Where if you had a dollar for every time a salesperson asked you "are you looking for a tool" - you’d be a millionaire? But that's not how SysAid is going to roll at PINK 14. If you want a pushy sales speech, go and talk to one of the other vendors.

However, if what you want is a human conversation about ITSM best practices or perhaps a dedicated 1:1 session to discuss your tools requirements in an environment where the demo is all about you and your needs and not about the end sale, then come and see us. You can even have this discussion with our CEO who will be at our booth throughout the event.

It’s All About Our Customers

Talking of our CEO, want to know about how she is traveling the world to see any SysAid customer that requests a visit, traveling to multiple countries to discuss the SysAid product roadmap and to help customers get the most out of their SysAid tool? Want to hear about how she spends a full day in a customer’s IT environment looking at their processes and procedures to help ensure they are using the tool effectively? Or maybe you’d like to know about how we support our customers and implement changes/add new features based on customer requests from these 1:1 visits? If so, drop by our stand and say hi.

Speaking of our customers, remember that we said PINK14 isn't just about selling for us? Well we’re making the event just as much about our customers as it is about potential prospects. Which is why our booth is essentially going to be split in half: one half will be (as you would expect) dedicated to demos and consultations, however, the other half will be managed by our customer relations team for meetings with the people we love most – our customers.

It’s All About the Personal Experience

Customers can simply turn up to see us at any point during the event, but can also book a private; 1:1 meeting with any member of our team by clicking here. This offer also extends to non-customers too. Do you hate group demos? Would you prefer a more personalized experience? Then if you're interested in SysAid, book a 1:1 discussion or demo with a member of our team by clicking here.

It’s All About Knowing When You’ve Got a Good Thing

If you’re interested in SysAid and want to know more about us, then please pre-book your personal slot or drop by and see us at the event. Rest assured we will not drag you kicking and screaming from the exhibition floor or try to scan you when you're not looking. Why? Because we don’t need to:

  • We know that we're going to be the the most fun vendor in the room (have you seen our videos?!)
  • We know that our dedication to customers goes above and beyond what anybody else on the exhibition floor can offer
  • We know that by offering only the core essentials within our tool, we’ll be the best value product in the room (with SysAid you don’t have to pay for all the additional shiny, sparkly features that come with other tools…that you never use anyway)

Besides, when was the last time the CEO of your current tool provider traveled thousands of miles to come and see you at your offices to help you get the best from your tool (free of charge may we add)?

It’s All About You

Don’t need a tool? Who cares! Come and see us anyway! Discuss problem management with our CEO, have your photo taken with Joe the IT Guy, and/or get your free conference All Essentials Bags (filled with everything you could possibly need to get you through a 3 ½ day event…(that bottle of water you are gasping for - yes, it’s included).

Joe at PINK ITSM Conference

Walk past ManageEngine, slide past LANDesk, ignore the loud voices coming from the BMC stand and come and visit us. At SysAid we're not about pushy sales or trying to make our voice heard above the others. We’re about three key things:

  • Our customers
  • The ITSM community – aka YOU
  • Having fun!

So get in the community spirit and come and discuss your ITSM challenges and opportunities with us, have fun with us and take a break away from the hectic exhibition. We promise that you’ll enjoy yourselves and you never know, you might find yourself wanting to become a customer too. But even if you don’t want to be a customer, it’s no big deal, we’ll still help and love you anyway!

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Sophie Danby

About Sophie Danby

Sophie is a freelance IT service management (ITSM) marketing consultant, helping solution vendors to develop and implement effective marketing strategies. As a vocal and collaborative member of the international ITSM community, you can often find her at global ITSM conferences or engaging in "ITSM chatter" on Twitter. Sophie also previously worked with at SysAid as our VP Marketing.

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