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Winter 16 Beta Bliss: Reporting…Redefined

By | December 17, 2015 in SysAid

SysAid ITSM Reporting

“The new reporting is SUCH an improvement! I love the new design too, but the functionality in the reporting though… Fantastic.” -lola412

“New reporting is a big improvement” -cdkarp

“Thanks for updating the Reporting UI. It's definitely much improved.” -GopherTech

Hey guys! It’s SysAid Beta time again and I feel like we’re in a winter wonderland – well, it is the season, right?

SysAid Winter 16 (also known as v15.4) On-Premise Beta testing is progressing quite nicely – we’re receiving lots of positive reactions and constructive feedback from our Pathfinders, and have recently moved to Beta Phase 2. Part of the feedback resulted in our opening numerous bugs, which our R&D team is busy fixing literally as I’m typing this 🙂

Winter 16 Highlights

In case you haven’t already heard, allow me to go over with you what the whole fuss is about:

New Reporting Module & BI Analytics!

We’re introducing a new, drag-and-droppable UI, with loads of improvements to make reporting smooooooooth and easy.

Combined together with the upcoming BI Analytics module (which was announced in November and is due to be launched at the official Winter 16 On-Premise release), both will complement SysAid's existing set of analytics features, including IT Benchmark and our animated summary of metrics, in order to assist managers to:

  • Accurately track relevant KPIs according to organizational goals
  • Gain an overview of team performance and organizational processes
  • Present metrics to management in a professional and engaging manner, with customized branding
  • Make conclusions and implement continual service improvement (CSI) to improve productivity

Check out: New Reporting Webinar | Instant Demo to test out new Reporting

Brand-New Mac OS Agent

Many of our customers requested this new feature, so I’m very pleased that it was included in Winter 16. Here’s what you get:

  • New wizard for manual installations
  • No more dependence on Java
  • Auto-upgrade functionality
  • RDS support
  • Compatibility with standard inventory commands for more efficient bandwidth usage
  • Remote control capability

Brand-New REST API Platform

SysAid’s new REST API gives a more modern standard solution for accessing SysAid via an API.

You can learn more about its functions in our REST API Guide.

Join the Beta Now and Grab Some Cozy Gifts

There are many other enhancements and bug fixes in Winter 16, so we still have more to check, test, and examine!

Sound exciting? If you’re a SysAid customer, it’s not too late to join the ranks of SysAid Pathfinders and drive the improvements to perfection! The Beta has already been actively tested by over 55 passionate Pathfinders (both in test and production environments), and you can take your part as well. Join the Pathfinder Program now, actively participate in the testing process on the community or by sending your feedback to, and receive your own cozy SysAid fleece jacket and neck warmer to keep you comfy and warm – just for sharing your feedback!

Cozy SysAid fleece jacket and neck warmer

See you in the Beta forum 🙂

Danny Tashiev

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Community Manager and a Product team member at SysAid – set on a mission to help humanity (or at least a small percentage of it on the Community forums), and make our software even greater. Working in the tech market since 2007, Danny’s gained experience in translations, information research, and a whole lot of tech support. He’s an avid reader, a long-time gamer, and a true child of the internet with a dark sense of humor and a taste for eccentric music.

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