The SysAid Newsletter - Tips for SysAiders

Dear SysAiders,

Thank you for all your enthusiastic responses about the new SysAid interface. We trust that this improvement will have a great positive effect on your daily work.

In the near future the interface of our website is about to be improved as well. Watch out for the re-vamped SysAid website, and tell us what you think!

In this issue you can find a useful tip from our support team leader, an ITIL best practice tip for distributing surveys to your end users, and as always, an IT joke, just to make you smile.

To those of you who celebrate Christmas this month-I wish you a most enjoying holiday. 

Israel Lifshitz, CEO

Upgrading the SysAid Agent without Re-Deployment

A Tip from Sarah Lahav, the Head of Support Team

To save you time and efforts, from version 5.0 and up, you can easily upgrade the SysAid agent without having to re-deploy SysAid to your network.

1.Go to Preferences->Asset Setting-> Asset Update
2. From the Command dropdown menu, choose Upgrade client version.
3. Choose which asset or asset group to run the upgrade on.
4. Set the date for the next upgrade.
5. Choose how often to repeat the automatic upgrade.
6. Click the Add button, or the Run Now button to upgrade immediately.

For instance, if you have SysAid 5.0.03 version, your client will be automatically upgraded to SysAid 5.0.06, even if the workstation is off.

ITIL Best Practice

Customer satisfaction analysis and surveys

One of the most basic foundations of an efficient and successful help desk service is to keep in touch with your customers and be aware of their needs and evaluation of your service. Note that it is also a good thing to let your customers know that their estimation is important to you. A recommended method to go about this is to distribute a customer satisfaction survey. Yet, there are a few things you should consider when composing and distributing your satisfaction survey:

1. The survey should not be too long, so filling it up will not take a great deal of your customers’ time. Yet, it should not be too short either, since you want it to collect all the needed  information.
2. Who should receive the survey? Perhaps it would be better to distribute the survey only to some of your customers, or ask about a specific service that you provide only to a specific group.
3. The questions should be clearly defined. Avoid open ended questions as much as possible, since they demand much more time and effort from your customers.
4. Be specific about the information that you want- try not to ask questions that are not directly related to the subject.
5. Explain the rational of the survey to the customers. It is important to state that the survey is a part of your service to them.
6. Publish the results of your survey, as well as the conclusions you draw from them.
7. Learn from the results of your survey and improve your service according to the conclusions.
8. Repeat the survey either occasionally, or in regular intervals. You should also consider how often your customer satisfaction surveys should be distributed. Again, take care not to burden your customers with such surveys too often, but let them know you keep in touch and still want to know what they think.