The SysAid Newsletter - Configure Self Sign-Up

Dear SysAid Users,

I see that the new monitoring module we have added to SysAid has indeed answered your needs. This is exactly the direction we want to take with SysAid- develop it so it could suit your needs best. We have learnt a great deal about what you want from your answers to the User Satisfaction Survey. As we are constantly looking for feedback from you, we have also opened a new blog for SysAid, about which you can read more in this issue.

As usual, Sarah has included a useful tip for you. This time she explains how to configure self signup in SysAid.
Our other tip for you in this issue is less technical and more general; the ITIL best practice tip is a recommendation to employ SLAs as a part of your service process. I wish you all successful and pleasurable work, and I hope you also have some time to enjoy the summer,

Israel Lifshitz, Ilient's CEO.

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Configuring Self-Signup

A Tip from Sarah Lahav, the Head of Ilient Support Team

You can allow end users to signup for themselves into SysAid.
This feature allows users to create their own user account, but not to delete it.

Configuring self-signup is very helpful and saves time to you as an administrator, because you do not have to create all the end user accounts by yourself.

Since it is written in HTML, the form is customizable. Therefore, you can implement the "sign-up" feature to allow end users to sign up independently into SysAid. Please do not forget to copy the file and save it to a different location before you make any changes.

1. Copy the following files from the ...SysAidServerroot folder:

2. To edit the signup.htm. locate the string:
<input type="hidden" name="accountID" value="free">

3. Replace the expression value=”free” with your account ID. You can find your account ID in SysAid Downloads page.

4. You may make further changes to the HTML files to design it according to your preferences.

5. Now link to the newly customized page. The correct link is
You can add this link to your own intranet website.

If you have the full version of SysAid, you can also add this link to the SysAid login page. Copy the login page HTML file to a different location, and after you add this link to the page, go to:

Preferences>Customize>Customized Forms and specify the new location URL in the 'HTML files location' caption box. Click Save.

ITIL Best Practice - Employing SLAs (Service Level Agreements)

As providers of help desk IT support, It is a very goof idea to use SLAs with your customers. Service level agreement is a part of the service contract, in which the customer and the service provider agree upon the level of service the customer is entitled to.

The service level can be measured via different factors, such as the time required for solving a service request, the number or the frequency of requests, the complexity of the requests, the priority given to the customer's requests, and, of course, the charging methods for the provided service.

It is a most recommended practice to sign an SLA agreement with your customers, or to publish a general SLA, for the sake of both your customers and your IT experts.

It is important to keep the targets of your SLA not only regarding the measurable factors, but also regarding factors such as friendliness and responsiveness. Once you have all the necessary factors written down and agreed upon, it will be much easier to keep your service quality high.

Help Desk Joke

This is sure to make you laugh. Note that the video includes language that may be offensive.