This past year shaped up to be a year of opportunity to expand our global footprint even faster than we expected.
Now in 2019, we couldn’t be happier to take this step forward together with SysAiders around the world. First, though, let’s take a look back at the “best” moments from 2018.
1. Best Announcement: $30M Investment by Leading Tech Growth Fund IGP
As the year was winding down, we were thrilled to announce the closing of a $30M investment, which will undoubtedly help us in our commitment to improving the productivity of IT and operations and the people who work in it. What may surprise people is that the investment marks SysAid’s first funding round ever.
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2. Best New Year’s Resolution
Based on the big announcement of the $30M investment, Sarah Lahav, SysAid CEO, wanted to let you know that this New Year, we’ve never been better equipped to grow and innovate. Our resolution is to uphold our steadfast dedication to IT professionals and the ITSM community at large. The investment is about you, our customers.
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3. Best VIP eBook: 20 for 2020 – Get Tips & Advice from Top ITSM Experts
Want to know how to make sure you’ll still be relevant in 2020? Take a look at this collection of insights brought to you from 20 IT service management (ITSM) experts, influencers, and analysts. Find out what needs to change, and what new skills and capabilities are required to effectively transition to meet the needs of 2020!
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4. Best Tribute to IT Admins
In honor of SysAdmin Day, we continued our tradition of making a video to pay tribute to the struggle that IT admins face each and every day. This year’s video, in particular, hit home for many of you, so maybe it’s best to catch the rerun again. Enjoy!
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5. Best Quote: Perks of Service Desk for Non-IT Departments
When asked if he’s implemented the SysAid service desk software for non-IT departments, Sam Miller of Spectrum Healthcare said, “we haven't rolled it out yet, but I’ve got 9 different departments knocking on my door trying to get this started.” He said that with its user-friendly portal and prompt customer service, the SysAid service desk has transformed the effectiveness of the company's IT division.
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6. (One of) Best Leaders in G2 Crowd’s Service Desk Ranking
SysAid’s Service Desk ranked in the top 5 for implementation and ease-of-use on G2 Crowd! We were recognized as a Leader in several categories in the G2 Crowd Summer 2018 Service Desk Report. As CEO Sarah Lahav stated, “This positive feedback inspires us to continue to find new and innovative ways to help them [our customers] meet and exceed their business goals.”
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7. Best ITSM Tips from Renowned ITSM Thought Leader Stuart Rance
Looking for ITSM tips? Look no further! Stuart Rance created 12 short videos with SysAid, divulging his words of wisdom. Stuart is an ITSM and security consultant, trainer, and author who has worked with clients in many countries, helping them create business value for themselves and their customers. Not to be missed!
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8. Best Week: Promoting Health & Wellness in the Workplace
Having a successful and healthy business starts from within. So, we kicked off December with a Health & Wellness Week. From neck and shoulders massages to pilates classes, to making our own healthy smoothies via a workout on an exercise bike – we got the most out of the week! Did you know that you can slash stress levels by up to 25% with a diet loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables?
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9. Best Advice from Joe the IT Guy: 5 Tips for Better SLAs
Did you know that SLAs done well can be the difference between good and great service? Find out the secrets on implementing SLAs, and targets, in order to focus on better customer relationships and end-user experiences. Check out Joe the IT Guy’s super popular blog post for the answers.
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10. Best Educational Video Series: What Is…?
Learn the basics of the IT industry with our popular “What Is…?” videos on ITSM, ITAM, and ITIL. Confused about these topics? No need to worry – dive into our informative series, and be prepared to be updated and entertained!
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