SysAid Mobile Apps

Manage your help desk and IT service management tasks, as well as your IT assets while on–the–move with SysAid Mobile Apps.

SysAid Mobile Apps: iPad and iPhone Apps 

Want to find out if your IT support can be more productive on mobile apps?

Available on All Major Mobile Platforms

Please download the appropriate mobile apps from the relevant app stores, e.g. Apple iTunes or Google Play. You can download the mobile app directly to your mobile device, as you would any other application. Alternatively, you can download the app to your computer and then sync with your mobile device.

Manage Assets On-the-Move

  • SysAid Mobile Apps is also an IT asset management (ITAM) interface designed for mobile devices
  • View IT asset and end-user information – that’s asset lists or specific asset details – on your mobile device
  • Update asset information, such as the asset name, location, owner, serial number, or other fields
  • Update end-user information
  • Filter incident, asset, and end-user lists as needed

IT Support On-the-Move with SysAid Mobile Apps

  • SysAid Mobile Apps is a help desk and IT service management (ITSM) interface designed for mobile devices
  • View all the incidents, service requests, problems, and changes assigned to you or your team
  • Create new incidents, service requests, problems, and changes
  • Update the status, priority, due date, and other fields of an incident, service request, or problem record
  • Accept or reject change requests
  • Receive push notifications related to the tickets you are managing
Please note that only the SysAid ITSM edition has separate record types for incidents and service requests.


Resolve User Issues from Your Mobile Device

SysAid Mobile Apps can also be used to perform remote control sessions, directly from your browser, on any mobile device supporting HTML5. No special configurations are necessary, it just works. For more information, please read about SysAid Remote Control.


How to Use SysAid iPad App

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