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SysAid's BI Analytics, powered by Qlik® – built into your SysAid Service Desk – gives you the quickest and easiest way to access the data you need, in order to make a difference. Try BI Analytics Watch Video

Out of the Box, Ready to Roll

Just one click to implement SysAid’s built-in analytics tool, offering you pre-defined KPIs for immediate use.

Gain Perspective

Get a comprehensive overview of your team’s performance, and easily track your trends.

Discover Hidden Data

Zoom in to a granular view of your data with a simple click or drag. Find quick answers, and uncover hidden data.

Make a Difference

Leverage your new insights to have a significant effect. You do matter and now you can prove it.


Technical FAQs

Q Is SysAid BI Analytics available for both SysAid On-Premise and SysAid Cloud?
A Yes. SysAid BI Analytics is a cloud-based module that is available for cloud customers, as well as on-premise customers in hybrid mode.
Q How long does it take to upload my data to the BI Analytics module, and how far back does the data go?
A The initial setup for an admin should take up to 1 hour to populate the BI Analytics module, with up to 3 years’ worth of your historical data. User permissions will also be transferred within an hour, per admin.
Q How regularly will my data be refreshed on the BI Analytics module after the first setup?
A Data is updated twice a day from your production environment. This allows you to view and work with recently updated historical data without affecting your service desk production environment.
Q How will the BI Analytics module affect the performance of my service desk?
A The BI Analytics environment is independent of SysAid’s production environment, so BI queries will not affect the performance of your production environment.
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