SysAid Reports

SysAid Reports provides you with the reporting tools you need to quickly measure your help desk or ITSM performance, track your IT asset inventory, and identify the issues and bottlenecks affecting your IT services and operational performance.
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Over 70 Pre-Built Help Desk and ITSM Reports

Analyze your help desk and ITSM performance, IT asset inventory, and resource workload with SysAid Reports – over 70 built-in reports created to allow you to easily:

  • Analyze your help desk or ITSM performance
  • Identify the root causes of problems or other issues
  • Track your IT asset hardware and software inventory and state of compliance
  • Measure your service quality
  • Identify IT operations trends and forecast future performance

Identify Problems and Bottlenecks

Over 20 reports relate to the “highest values” or Top X. These will help you to quickly identify common or recurring issues (problems as defined by ITIL, the ITSM best practice framework formerly known as the IT Infrastructure Library) and operational bottlenecks, and to then take the necessary actions to fix them. For example, if most tickets are in the “Printer” category, you can investigate to find the root cause (whether it be a training issue, model build quality, ink and paper quality issues, or something else).

Example reports related to problem management and operational bottlenecks include:

Incident categories that are the most time intensive

Admins that take the most time to resolve issues

End users that submit the most issues

IT assets associated with the most incident records

Measure, and Better Manage, Your Help Desk or ITSM Workload

View open ticket data and graphs on the opened-to-closed ticket ratio. You can do this: per period, per category, per administrator, and from other perspectives. If you decide to record incident resolution duration, you can also view reports on how much time is invested per ticket resolution. Thus you can compare respective time investment across incident types, resolution teams, or IT support individuals.

Evaluate Performance With SysAid Reports

Speed of Response and Incident Resolution.
Use SysAid’s Dynamic Timers to monitor incident response and resolution times.

Service Breaches
Monitor and report on service breaches – in total and based on certain criteria, such as critical business services or by business unit.

End-User Satisfaction Levels.
Ascertain and report on end-user satisfaction levels. For the service desk, send surveys on ticket closure to gauge end-user satisfaction.

Detailed Reporting for IT Asset Management

Whether managing the IT budget, or undergoing an internal or external compliance audit, it is essential to have accurate and up-to-date IT asset records. SysAid IT Asset Management inventory reporting provides comprehensive data about your IT hardware (including mobile devices), software, and catalog products, including:

  • All assets’ details including: purchase date, cost, warranty expiration, supplier, owner/user, location, etc.
  • The software installed on each IT asset (including mobile devices thanks to SysAid MDM)
  • Changes to each IT asset
  • Reports on IT asset inventory aging