Hardware and Network Monitoring

SysAid Monitoring provides you with alerts and notifications to help you proactively monitor and manage network components, CPU, disk space, memory usage, software/ hardware updates, and more.

Automate IT Issue Identification

Through the creation of monitoring configurations, the SysAid Monitoring module allows you to proactively monitor your computer and SNMP assets. Rather than waiting for an end user to report an IT issue, SysAid Monitoring can immediately detect specific types of events, and notify interested parties that an issue exists. With SysAid Monitoring you can monitor: critical hardware components, services and processes, URLs (to assure that a web page is available), ports (to assure critical services are available), and hardware and software changes.

This allows you to monitor various performance measurements for your computers such as CPU, memory, and hard drive usage. You can monitor network activity per asset, as well as general asset availability. You can also receive SNMP traps from your SNMP devices. When SysAid discovers an issue, it notifies you by your preferred method (email or SMS), and SysAid Monitoring can also open an incident record for the issue so that you or your colleagues can immediately start to work on its resolution.
IT Asset Management: Automate IT Issue Identification

Real-Time Monitoring of Your IT Assets

Rather than waiting for an end user to report an issue with an IT asset, SysAid Monitoring will immediately detect specific types of events. SysAid Monitoring provides you with an overview of your IT assets and allows you to keep track of all monitoring events in one place. You can easily:

  • See any active warnings or errors and the assets they relate to
  • View a full history of your monitoring events
  • Check the last monitoring poll for a particular IT asset
  • See hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly graphs of the monitored assets

Improve Network and Systems Performance

Use SysAid Monitoring to protect and improve your IT ecosystem through:

  • Real-time monitoring of your network, system processes, and SNMP traps
  • Alerts and notifications to help you ensure high performance and maximum uptime
  • Custom configurations to suit the unique needs of your organization
  • Predefined settings to simplify monitoring for network services and Windows processes
IT Asset Management: Hardware and Network Monitoring

Notifications about Network Services

Ensure that your network devices are available at all times, and receive immediate notifications in the event of failures. With SysAid Monitoring you can quickly respond to, and prevent prolonged and costly, outages.

Software and Hardware Updates

Receive notifications of unauthorized hardware changes or the installation of unapproved software. This can help prevent any immediate issues that these unauthorized system changes could create, as well as better manage the risks of asset-related compliance exposure.

Notifications as Incident Records

When an end-user-identified issue is reported, you need to both log and resolve the issue. SysAid Monitoring is completely integrated with the help desk, so any monitoring notification you receive can automatically open an incident record, which saves time and effort, and allows you or your colleagues to immediately start to work on the issue’s resolution.


Custom Monitoring for Any Scenario

In addition to the native monitoring tools provided by SysAid Monitoring, you can also create your own custom monitoring scripts and have SysAid run them for you.


Network Card Activity

Monitor your computer estate’s network activity and services to ensure speed, efficiency, and security. For example, excessive network card activity could be a sign of a virus, a hacking attempt, or indicate that a computer is being used as a host for file transfer software. Ensure that your computers and finite bandwidth are only being used for official activities.


Control and Listen to Your SNMP Devices

Monitor your network’s SNMP (Simple Network Monitoring Protocol) devices and any distress signals they might send, using SNMP traps to easily automate the monitoring of these devices. For example, if your printer is sending out low ink messages, receive and act on the messages before end users need to flag the issue to the help desk.


SysAid Monitoring is an optional add-on capability for both the SysAid ITSM and SysAid Help Desk editions.