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SysAid Service Desk is packaged with all-inclusive features for one low price. Available via Cloud or On-Premise.



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  Upgrade your Basic or Full plan, each feature priced separately
Let's talk For those who want to upgrade with more capabilities
Separately priced features and services


  ITSM Software
That’s for me For ITIL-aligned mature organizations

3 admins

250 assets

  Unlimited end users


  Help Desk, Ticketing, and full Asset Managment.
That’s for me For easy and efficient IT support

3 admins

250 assets

  Unlimited end users
SysAid Full Feature Comparison

Available Across All Plans

Free Access to SysAid Community


3-Tier Support & Maintenance



Industry-Specialized Packages

SysAid Education

An IT service management solution designed specifically for educational institutions, with a unique license structure, unlimited end-user base, and all the capabilities of the SysAid Full plan.



SysAid MSP

A flexible IT service management solution designed specifically for the needs of Managed Service Providers, providing multi-organizational requirements and all the capabilities of the SysAid Full plan.



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Next Steps

What happens when I submit a price quote form?
A SysAid rep will contact you shortly in order to assist you throughout your evaluation period.
Can I try SysAid before I buy it?
Yes! Simply start a free trial and you’ll have instant access to all SysAid features for 30 days, absolutely free. We don’t require your credit card details or any commitment. If you choose to purchase SysAid during (or after) your trial, you’ll be able to keep all the data from your trial.

Admins, Assets, End Users

What is an administrator?
An administrator (admin) manages the service record flow, can be assigned to a service record, and configures the system.
What is an asset?
Any network or SNMP device is an asset. This includes: workstations, servers, printers, mobile devices, routers, or any IT device that you would like to record in SysAid for inventory and monitoring purposes.
What is an end user?
An end user is somebody who is registered as the request user on a service record and as the user of an asset.

Pricing and Payments

What are the SysAid license options?
Both cloud and on-premise annual licenses are available.

What payment methods are accepted?
You can pay with PayPal, credit cards, bank transfers, or checks.

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