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SysAid 20.1.11 Highlights

More automation, less repetition
Routing rules can now be set according to the Main CI, and Location.

Grow, scale, measure, repeat
Admins can now set workflow notifications to create requests, changes, or problems, not just incidents.

Digital inventory made easy
Admins can map CI Relationships in bulk via a CSV file.

360-degree service management
The following updates have been made to the Jira add-on:

  • Admins can map additional fields from SysAid to Jira.
  • The contents of the Jira Comments field are displayed in a more clear and easy-to-read format

Digital inventory made easy
SysAid can automatically assign assets to owners based on the asset's history.

Work your way:
Set up group permissions for Dashboard Views, to ensure that various groups have access to the most relevant dashboards for them. This provides a more customized experience for all SysAid admins.

Simple, one-touch customer experience:
Increased the efficiency of managing groups in SysAid by adding new LDAP Integration options for syncing groups between SysAid and the active directory.









SysAid 20.1.11

Download Instructions


Windows (Upgrade)







  • To upgrade to SysAid 20 on-premise, you must be running SysAid 18.1 or higher.
  • You can only use the 64-bit Windows upgrade if your initial SysAid installation was 64-bit. If you are not sure, you can try installing the 64-bit upgrade. If it is incorrect you will be prompted, and then simply install the 32-bit upgrade.




RDS Installation


If you are using RDS, upgrade to the latest version: