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SysAid 19.2 Highlights

Refreshed UI for the Manager's Dashboard, ticket form, and all lists in SysAid
Changes include:

  • Enhanced user experience - slicker and more modern design for an extra-comfortable user experience.
  • Work your way - refreshed dashboard, with the ability to select dark or light themes and a 3X2 chart layout.
  • Reduce 'eyeball fatigue' - improved basic overall visibility of the list views, with added bonus of saving list filters as personalized views.
  • Get the big picture - new insights panel that displays relevant KPIs in graphical widgets that showcase the full picture, helping with prioritization and quicker resolution of tickets.
  • Understand what's going on faster - added customizable top panel within the ticket form that displays fields side-by-side and remains locked on the top of the screen at all times, reducing the need for vertical scroll.

Download the one-page overview

New drag-and-drop and visual preview capabilities for your attachments
The attachments control in the SR form has been updated for a more modern look and feel. It also includes the ability to:
- Quickly and easily add attached files to an SR with drag-and-drop capability.
- Preview attachments without downloading them by opening them in the new attachments gallery


Improved layout in Self-Service Portal settings
The Self-Service Portal settings page has been restructured making it more organized and easier to use.

Enhanced self-service accessibility
SysAid now offers a built-in option for applying a high-contrast theme to the Self-Service Portal, for enhanced accessibility.

Email rules just got even better - it's not just for incidents anymore!

  • Admins can set an SR's type and template via email rules, which means requests, changes, and problems (not just incidents) can be launched directly via email.
  • In addition, when admins define conditions for a SysAid email rule, they have the added option to filter for email addresses that are in the originating email's "To" field.

New third-party add-ons

  • SysAid's integration with Skype for Business allows admins to initiate Skype sessions directly from within a service record.
  • The SolarWinds integration allows you to automatically generate, update, and close SRs based on events that SolarWinds detects on assets in your network.

Email integration got a facelift
The email integration UI was changed to the new List and Form interface, for a more comfortable user experience.

Support for SysAid notifications via the Windows Action Center and Mac OS X Notification Center
Admins can configure the SysAid agent to display broadcast messages, chat, and remote control requests in Windows and Mac notification interfaces for an improved, standardized user experience.

Limit on recipients for automatic notifications to groups is no longer an issue!
A new Group Email field allows admins to enter a distribution list email address for automatic group notifications, instead of emailing each group member individually. When this field is used, the distribution list counts as only one recipient, helping customers who have limits on the number of recipients per email.

Extended the reach of "Limit to Company Data" permission
The "Limit to Company Data" permission also applies to groups, online users, and other aspects of the user interface. As part of this change, we've added the "Company" field to the Group list and form.

Greater flexibility in setting up automatic SR notifications
Upgraded the General Settings page to provide more granular control over automatic notifications sent to various admins.









SysAid 19.2 Edition

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  • To upgrade to SysAid 19 on-premise, you must be running SysAid 17.3 or higher.
  • You can only use the 64-bit Windows upgrade if your initial SysAid installation was 64-bit. If you are not sure, you can try installing the 64-bit upgrade. If it is incorrect you will be prompted, and then simply install the 32-bit upgrade.
  • SysAid's Patch Management and TeamViewer Embedded capabilities require the latest versions of the SysAid agent and RDS.




RDS Installation


If you are using RDS, upgrade to the latest version: