Assigning a Service Record Weight in SysAid

In this video tutorial, we’ll explain SysAid’s service record weight field, which is the perfect way to tap into true business priority by assigning weight value for any given service record.


Video Transcription

Hi and welcome to another SysAid tutorial.

Today, I'm going to talk about a new feature that's available in the 14.4 version. It is called the service record weight field. So let's begin.

The service record weight feature allows IT management to determine the order in which the IT staff handles service records based on true business priority by assigning weight value for a given service record.

You can access a service record's weight field in either the service record form or the service record list. Let's go to the Service Record List, to the Incidents. The weight feature is active if enabled, of course, whether this service record weight field is displayed or not.

So how do we assign a weight? Let's select one of my incidents. Click on the More Actions, select Weight. We'll enter the weight we would like to assign to the selected service record. Let's say five, and click Save.

The weighted service record's list is sorted from the higher value down. The higher the value is, the higher the service record position. When the feature is enabled, weighted service records with the following criteria are highlighted with a red background in their lists.

The service records either have to be active or assigned to you, a group you belong to, or you are designated as the responsible admin for the service record. By default, all of your weighted service records are floated to the top of your service record list regardless of any filters and sort that might be applied to the list. There's a new button, if in an on position, the weighted service records are sorted separately and grouped at the top.

If we change it to an off position, the weighted service records will not be sorted separately at the top of the list. So in order to use this feature, we have to enable it.

Let's go to the settings cogwheel. Scroll down a little bit. First, we have to enable service record weighting functionality to override list sort order. For existing customers, the functionality is disabled by default. Secondly, you can check the Remember admin on/off preference for weighted service record indicator. If this is checked, moving from screen to screen will keep the preferences you have chosen. It is possible to create an escalation rule that involves the weight feature.

If I was to create a new rule, I can use the query builder, choose the weight feature, and fill in a weight value. The rule will elevate this service record weight, assuming those conditions will occur.

So this is the service record weight feature. I think it's a very cool feature and it can simplify the work you do with your service records. So good luck with that and thank you for listening. Have a great day.