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5 Tweaks to Revamp Your SysAid Help Desk!

By | January 28, 2013 in Help Desk

I don't have time to spend making technology easier for me to use. If I need to download this, update that, or purchase extra space, newer versions, or whatever it is, in order to make my daily social computer life easier--I'll push it off until tomorrow. And by tomorrow, I mean maybe in 3 months...

So to all you IT admins, I have created a list of quick and easy TWEAKS, that's right, things you can do while listening to a Rihanna song on your headphones. These 5 tweaks will really make your SysAid Help Desk more useful and productive. Here they are:

#1: Personalize Your View

Benefit: Monday morning your service desk looks like one long list of service records, and it is often hard figuring out where to start. In order to make things more efficient, SysAid lets you define a list view that will filters that long list. Although you can always use the advanced filter to help sort through the list, defining a list view will provide a more permanent solution for list clutter that you can apply with one click. For example, set up a list view that will filter the list by a specific admin, end user, topic, etc.—it all depends on the SQL query that is set up for this view. Now you can remove or add columns in the list, and create a personalized view to help you be efficient on even the busiest days.

How To: Learn how to customize lists here.

#2: Provide More Communication Channels

Benefit: SysAid Service Desk provides different channels for end users to communicate with admins, such as Live Chat and the End-User Portal. But, don’t overlook one of SysAid’s major channels of communication: email integration. Email integration automatically turns emails sent by end users into service records. All you need to do is select a designated email address for your end users to send their problems and requests to, and SysAid will automatically open a service record every time an end user sends an email to this address. From here, you can use different channels for different purposes. For example, use several different email accounts for different departments to better categorize service records.

How To: Discover how to use email integration.

#3: Improve Your Processes with Routing and Escalation Rules

Benefit: Let SysAid help you manage your IT tasks by automating your help desk and workflows with routing and escalations rules. Setting routing rules will save you time on dispatching. Simply set up routing rules according to the different categories you need, such as a category for service requests related to the exchange server, and SysAid will automatically route those relevant service records to the right admins as defined by the category.

Escalation rules reduce response times and let SysAid work for you. For example, you can set up an automatic response to be sent to your end users for all service requests related to a common subject or problem by setting a new status and a corresponding escalation rule. The automatic response can, for example, send instructions on how to solve the problem at hand. Then, all the admin needs to do is change the status of the service request and the response will be sent—imagine how much time that’ll save!

How To: Learn how to set up routing rules and escalation rules.

#4: Increase Self-Service with Password Services

Benefit: Providing your end users with easy self-service options to take care of their issues without submitting a service record will greatly reduce help desk calls. Did you know around 40% of calls to the typical help desk are related to password reset or lockout? Well, SysAid includes a solution for this problem with the Password Services module that allows your end users to securely reset their passwords and unlock their accounts without intervention from the IT staff. So, start using SysAid Password Services and you’ll raise the productivity of both your admins and end users.

How To: Read the Password Services Guide.

#5: Discover Your Network with SysAid Agents (Recommended!)

Benefit: While you can use WMI/SNMP to discover your network (without agents) agentless, it is recommended that you choose to discover the network by deploying the SysAid Agent and reap all the benefits that it offers. The main benefit of using the SysAid Agent is that you can fully utilize SysAid’s core features such as: Asset Management, Remote Control, Live Chat, Monitoring, and more. From the end-user side, the SysAid Agent enables the F11 hotkey function, which lets end users submit a service request and automatically attach a screenshot and asset, in one click! So don’t miss out on using the full capabilities of your SysAid Help Desk.

How To: Follow the SysAid Agent Deployment Guide here

Hope you all use these changes well in 2013!

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