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Is Apple’s iOS 7 Taking a Page from Android’s Book?

By | September 17, 2013 in General IT


Just when you thought it was beginning to settle down, the heavy-weight battle between iOS and Android is once again heating up as Apple finally gave its loyal followers what they've been eagerly waiting for. Last week, the tech giant unveiled its latest mobile phones – the iPhone 5S and the 5C – along with a slew of new and exciting features.

Before the much anticipated unveiling, many mobile aficionados claimed that the iOS 5 felt oddly familiar to Android. Ian Paul, an independent writer at PC World and TechHive, argued that "You might even call these new features magical or revolutionary, unless you're an Android user, then you'd call them 'stuff I've been using for years.’” However, others beg to differ.

Let the comparisons begin…


Apple has drastically changed the entire look of its interface with a fresher, more modern look. Wooden bookshelves and leather-bound diaries have been replaced with greater transparency. However, some argue that Apple is just playing catch up with Android, claiming that iOS 7’s Control Center is something Android has already had for some time.


In the previous versions of iOS, multitasking was extremely challenging. However, that’s changed, as the new iOS 7 has similar multitasking features to Android. For example, the multitasking windows now fill the entire screen and in addition to the app icons, users can see thumbnails of what they were previously looking at within the app. They can also swipe to dismiss the apps they want to close, similar to Android.

Web Browser

With the new iOS 7, users have a 3D view of opened tabs, making it easier to switch between sites, which comes standard with Android’s Jelly Bean. They’ve also introduced the iCloud Keychain, which allows users to save all of their usernames and passwords for websites they use regularly.

While the new iPhone boasts several impressive features and updates – many of which Android already employs – it’s hard to sift through the marketing fluff to determine which packs the bigger punch.

Tell us… which mobile operating system do you prefer?

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