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Reap All of the BYOD Benefits and None of the IT Headaches with Nubo VMI

By | December 7, 2015 in BYOD

Nubo for BYOD

Enterprises continue to cruise full speed ahead towards a truly mobile reality, and the ITSM industry is no exception. Many businesses are looking at how to efficiently mobilize enterprise apps, asset and incident management and many other services without the substantial burden that device management has placed on IT resources.

Luckily, a groundbreaking innovation has arrived that can gives businesses the simplest and most secure route to maximizing the benefits of BYOD, which as you know is all about giving your employees the tools and information they need to be productive, and add value by making timely and informed business decisions from wherever they are. Today that means being able to access top-notch enterprise and consumer apps from your smartphone or tablet. SysAid has partnered with Nubo Software, a leading innovator of Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) technology.

Allow me to explain a little about Nubo. We are a cloud-based remote enterprise workspace that lets you remotely deliver any mobile app to your employees with zero implementation time or maintenance needed. Instead of installing and managing native apps on personally owned devices, your business apps are run virtually from a mobile OS on a secured cloud. Those apps are transferred to smartphones and tablets as a display, using a remote display protocol made specifically for mobile performance.

Your users access the workspace by downloading the Nubo thin client app from Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Since the environment is entirely remote, zero corporate data is stored on employee devices, offering maximum data security.

The result is a win-win for both employees and IT. Users working with apps in Nubo will still enjoy the native mobile user experience they’re used to with their favorite consumer apps, as Nubo was developed for optimal bandwidth efficiency and mobile sensor support. Analyst firm 451 Researchrecently highlighted Nubo’s speed and efficiency, which is eight times more efficient than the rest of the VMI pack. Nubo’s ability to support multiple users per virtual machine is also unmatched. You can read the full report here.

With no corporate data stored on devices, your IT no longer has to manage devices. Your employees no longer need to worry about their privacy being compromised if their phone is lost or stolen - remote wiping becomes obsolete and unnecessary. Corporate data stays on the cloud, and IT can easily disconnect the compromised device from access to the work environment.

You can also wave goodbye to the significant resources you’d normally devote to implement and maintain such an infrastructure - Nubo manages all of that for you on their secured cloud, giving you an easy and simple route to secure mobility.

A customized control panel makes adding new apps as simple as drag and drop. Distributing apps to individuals or groups and updating user and device access are all done with a tap or a click from any device.

An innovation of SysAid Founder Israel Lifshitz, Nubo lets your business support mobility more than ever before with ease, simplicity and security. For further information, email us at

David Abbou

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After growing up in Toronto, Canada for more than 30 years, David Abbou is thrilled to trade in ice and sleet for hummus and sandy beaches! An experienced journalist and PR practitioner, David oversees Nubo Software’s Marketing and Communications. He loves working with passionate colleagues and promoting Nubo’s emerging and cutting-edge VMI technology.

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