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SysAid 9.1 Beta Keeps Rocking Onwards

By | September 2, 2013 in SysAid

So far, 90 companies have upgraded to SysAid 9.1 Beta:

  • 11 Pro
  • 25 Pro Plus
  • 54 Enterprise/Full

Here’s what was happening at the beginning of the Beta Season.

Today we're delivering a new Release Candidate, so if you're feeling left out – please join our Pathfinder Program now and stay in the know, while truly making an impact on the final release! Just ask our amazing and devoted Community powerhouses, like @techguy, @karlson, @MichaelZ, @jasoncherkas, @larronni, @5.7FSN, and all the rest. I personally want to thank you all for everything you put us through ;).

We still have a full month before the final release, and we are working with a dedicated team of developers to fix as many issues as we can to bring you the best release to date.

Category-Driven Templates

This is one of the more anticipated features our On-Premise customers, who have been waiting patiently and certainly won't be disappointed. Basically, for those who don't know, this is where SysAid allows you to create dynamic forms and match them to different types of service records. Admins love it because the form is designed specifically to the issue that the end user is having. The end user loves it because once an issue is pinpointed through the categories (in the End-User Portal), the rest of the form is basically filled out dynamically, so there won’t be much else to do besides clicking the Submit button.

.NET Agent

SysAid's new .NET Agent for Windows is being heavily tested with version 9.1. Lior, our R&D Team Leader, opened a forum topic just for this issue. As Lior explains: "We invested months into this project and I can assure you that the .NET Agent contains the same feature set as the old Agent. However, using a more advanced technology improves stability and brings better memory management, security management, error handling, and more. Plus we have plans to add more features in future releases."

Thank you SysAider @zhazell who took the time to install the new Agent and tell us: “I love the new installer/agent! Multi-Monitor support is huge for us here!!”

We also think the multi-monitor support is awesome :).

All feedback (good and bad) is very much appreciated.

What Will Be in the Release Candidate?

  • 24 fixed bugs. Top 3 are:
    • Remote Control cannot be started in encrypted mode
    • Agent does not work properly on non-English OS
    • (In some cases) The following error appears when running the 9.1 upgrade patch: "Could not find SysAid installation"
  • 2 Feature Requests, which were opened when the Beta began:
    • (FR#13212) Increase breadcrumbs font-size
    • (FR# 13182) Add DISMISS ALL option (replacing Delete All) to new Announcements section. In practice, this does the following:
      • Deletes all instant messages in the feed
      • Hides all the news in the feed
      • Removes all SysAid announcements in the feed

Please feel free to snoop around the Community Beta Forum. We’d love to hear from you!

Please share your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook where we are always listening.

Dan Shimoni

About Dan Shimoni

Straight from New York to SysAid, Dan was running his own IT service business until he decided to settle down and start a family. Now, he’s SysAid Customer Relations Team Leader managing a team of 10 Account Managers and thousands of customers. His geekiness is evident through his online chess playing, but his love of basketball keeps him in shape.

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