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The 5 Time-Saving Tips for Busy SysAid Admins – Revealed

By | July 17, 2018 in SysAid

Time-Saving Tips for Busy SysAid Admins

Being an IT admin is challenging, the queue of tickets can seem endless, and so, your time becomes one of the most precious and scarce resources there is.

Because of this (and always hearing from our customers about how hard-pressed for time they are), we decided to sit down, put our heads together, and create a webinar with our top 5 time-saving tips for busy SysAid admins (which you should check out here).

The best part? All of these 5 recently-added features are already included in your SysAid Service Desk and there are absolutely no paid upgrades needed to use them. So, in case you missed the webinar or you just prefer to read through an abridged version, this blog post is your hot ticket to our top time-saving tips.

Here we go...

Tip #1 – Keep Your Ticket Queue Clean with Merge Tickets

Multiple tickets about the same issue can clog up your queue and add so much time to your day-to-day workload. But now, there’s a way to fix that…. Cloud customers have been enjoying their Merge Tickets feature for a few months, and we’re about to release this to on-prem customers. You get to decide which admins have permissions to merge tickets, where tickets end up getting merged to within your help desk, and what status the tickets will be set to when tickets are merged. So with this cool feature, you can focus on solving the actual issues in the main ticket, instead of trying to maintain order over your queue.

Tip #2 – Solve Tickets Faster with Video Ticket Submission

End users aren’t always the best at explaining the issues that they’re experiencing within tickets….So that’s where the SysAid Hotkey comes in. The SysAid Hotkey will let your end users easily submit tickets with screenshots and now even videos. The Hotkey gives end users the power to quickly submit a video ticket — with absolutely no tech knowledge required on their end. So that when the ticket goes to your IT or dev teams, they’ll see the video contained in the ticket and immediately spot the issue — instead of wasting time just trying to better understand the issue. (Wanna check out what this looks like? Watch this short clip on submitting tickets with video using the SysAid Hotkey.)

Tip #3 – Enable Your Self-Service Portal to Search FAQs

The beauty of the Self-Service Portal is that it puts the power of self-service in the hands of your end users, helping you eliminate tickets that can be solved directly by end users themselves. Now SysAid offers your end users more options for self-help by enabling your self-service search bar to search your FAQs.

You can see how to set that up in this helpful SysAid Community post.

My recommendation — to supercharge your self-service options — is to promote popular FAQs on the homepage of your Self-Service Portal. This will give end users easy access to in-demand info.  And don’t forget to keep your FAQS updated with relevant information, screenshots, and videos, to make sure end users keep coming back to solve their questions.

Tip #4 – Save Time for You and Your End Users with Single Sign-On

The great thing about SysAid’s single sign-on capabilities is it saves time for you, your admins, and your end users. So if you’re logged into a web-based single sign-on system (Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, OneLogin, OpenAM, Shibboleth, etc.), you can skip having to log into SysAid for good. This option is available for so many credential providers through our SysAid Marketplace and it’s such an easy way to win back precious time during your daily workflow.

I mean, how many of us admins waste precious time having to deal with SysAid credential issues?  Now, you can prevent being bombarded by admins and end-users saying they forgot their SysAid credentials.

Tip #5 – Use Slack Integration to Improve Team Collaboration

As most of the world has already discovered, Slack is a great tool to streamline team collaboration. So we wanted to bring that power into SysAid.

Now, you can harness the power of Slack collaboration directly from within SysAid support tickets. Even if SysAid admins don’t have Slack credentials, you can create dedicated Slack communication channels from within a specific support ticket, to get your entire team working together within tickets themselves. Get the experts involved and fixing issues stat - with better communication improving the time it takes you to solve your requests, lower your MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) and solve support issues faster.

Find out how to get started with SysAid & Slack integration in our SysAid Marketplace.

How did you find my time-saving tips? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below. And again, I want to remind you that we have the webinar available here if you want more detailed info.

Oded Moshe

About Oded Moshe

Oded is VP Products at SysAid, with over 15 years of experience in various product and IT management positions. Proud father of two young (iPhone/iPad-addicted) girls and one baby boy (that they're trying to keep the gadgets out of his reach). Fond of new technologies, and enjoys good conspiracy books and movies.

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  1. Avatar Mary Mwangi

    This is awesome!
    I am especially interested in Tip #2 – Solve Tickets Faster with Video Ticket Submission. As i continue checking on the other tasks.

    Now that my current version does not support this features, would assist me?


    1. Dena Wieder-Freiden Dena Wieder-Freiden

      Hi Mary. Your account manager, Michael, will assist you with pleasure 🙂 I’ve already told him and he said he’d give you a call. Cheers!


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