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Dear SysAiders,

The New SysAid 5.5 beta is about to be released. This version includes two new mega-features: the SysAid ITIL based CMDB and the SysAid Community.

The new CMDB module (Configuration Management Database) is designed to significantly lower your expenses. It maintains a comprehensive list of relationships between your configuration items (CIs), and helps you predict the business impact of changes in your network.
The SysAid CMDB module can hold an unlimited number of CIs, and more than 250 customizable fields for each - to fit your exact needs. You can even set different views for each CI type.

In addition, the new upcoming SysAid release will include the new SysAid Community.
Release 5.5 is designed to upgrade and enhance your SysAid experience. It will give you a direct access to the growing community of over 40,000 IT professionals who have chosen SysAid as their IT helpdesk software.
Get involved, get more- All this vast experience will soon be yours.
Meet, discuss and share with others: day to day challenges, best practices, SysAid configuration, downloading and uploading SysAid objects such as knowledgebase entries, or translations -it's all in the SysAid Community.

You can learn more about the SysAid community, the SysAid CMDB, and many more tweaks and improvements in the release presentation.

Israel Lifshitz

Upcoming SysAiders Community

The upcoming SysAid version 5.5 includes the SysAid community, which is intended to be a place for SysAiders to communicate with each other and with our team. The SysAid community is the place to consult, suggest, request features and share ideas and experiences.

The community is intended to serve SysAiders not just in working with SysAid, but also for general IT issues you can discuss with other IT professionals worldwide.

Moreover, you will be able to download from the community directly into your own SyAid useful information such as translations or knowledgebase entries.

SysAid Certification Program is on its Way

On June 16th the SysAid Certification program will commence, and we are all very excited.

The class is already full and registration is over, but since the demand exceeded our expectations, we intend to run another class soon.
We have designed this program so you will be able get more out of your SysAid in your everyday routine, to give you some methods, techniques and personal advice form the experts.

We will keep you updated about the ongoing lessons, and of course, we will let you know when the next SysAid Certification program class will be opened.

Create Reoccurring Events in SysAid

A Tip from Sarah Lahav, the Head of SysAid Customer Service and Support Team

SysAid upcoming release 5.5 will enable to create either manual or automatic reoccurring incidents, correlated to the task that can be deployed either on a single time or a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

The information under this task includes all the related incidents, so you can track them.

1. Go to Tasks and Projects-> Notifications
2. Click the New icon  icon to open a  new notification.
3. Compose your notification.
4. Go to Projects-> Notification tab.
5. Replace the default title: $special project $title with the title of the new notification, and the name of the task related to it.
6. Go to Tasks-> Notification tab
7. Set the time and date for your recurring notification: choose whether to make the notification reoccur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, on which time and day.
8. Click OK.

The notification regarding your task will reoccur as a service request in your helpdesk, according to the times you have set for it.

SysAid 5.5 upcoming release also deploys all incidents regarding a project. You can manually create a matching incident to all the correlated tasks in a certain project. You can use this as a template incident distributer, for reoccurring incidents such as IT operations for a new employee, end of year check list, etc.


Our new Product Manager, Oded Moshe

Words from Oded Moshe, our new product manager

Hello SysAiders,
I am excited to be taking the role of SysAid Product Manager. I replace in this position Saar Bitner, who has been nominated our Marketing and Sales Director.

For the past fourteen years I have been in IT Management, dealing with applications, systems, networks, security, and all other daily IT activities. I have personally dealt with most of the challenges and the expectations all IT professionals face.

I have had the privilege to experience SysAid as a SysAider, when I chose to implement this wonderful set of IT tools for the last organization I worked for- a large international distribution company, with more than 100 locations worldwide, and thousands of users.

After testing other products I finally chose SysAid mainly due to SysAid’s ability to answer all the main IT issues in a single integrated and easy to use product. I also loved the amazing flexibility of customization, that allows fitting  the tool to your exact needs with no more than a few mouse- clicks!

My vision is to expand SysAid to more IT management tools that will be built with the same approach of "Keeping IT Simple" and will enable you -IT leaders- to bring added value to your organizations.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that you are being taken care of by a wonderful, creative and dedicated team, a team that believes your success in your daily assignments is a major part of their own success.
I would also like to emphasize how valuable all your inputs are – keep sending them in!
The wide scope of experience all of us bring is a significant component in shaping and improving our products, along the lines of ITIL true best practice.

Exciting times are ahead, with the new SysAid 5.5 release soon to be officially released – and I look forward to hearing from you all in our upcoming community!


A feature request that arrives at the helpdesk is usually understood in several different ways:

Joke June 2008

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