SysAid March Newsletter
Dear SysAiders,

Spring has sprung a little earlier than usual here at SysAid and the scent of fresh new features is in the air. This March, we offer a sneak preview of the latest SysAid innovations soon to sprout this season with the exciting release of SysAid 6.0.

Discover the new and improved SysAid in our first published screenshots of Release 6.0. With over 50% of new 6.0 features originating from customer requests alone, it just goes to highlight the importance your continued feedback in taking SysAid to the next level and beyond.

Want to be first to try the new Release 6.0? Become a SysAid Pathfinder for your chance to road test the new SysAid 6.0 beta upon release on March 24th, and leave your prints on the final stages of development.

To celebrate the release of SysAid 6.0 Beta, we invite you to attend our upcoming free online Webinar: Introduction to SysAid 6.0 on March 24th 2009. Learn more about the cutting-edge features soon to be a part of your SysAid toolkit. Space is limited, so secure your place today.

It's not every day that we read about one man relocating an entire office with a few clicks of a button. Find out how, in our SysAid IT Success Story from Gary Faulkner of Computer Depot, USA.

The Year of the SysAider is now in full swing, and it is with great pleasure that we announce our SysAider of the Month February. Mike Mullins (Tidal Software, USA), is a Loyal SysAider who has carried SysAid across three new roles and organizations. He shares his seasoned tips for managing change.

The Internal SysAid Campaign is still going strong, thanks to the contributions of a few ingenious SysAiders. Check out one SysAider's bright idea to help users locate the SysAid quick launch button on their keyboards.

And finally, a reminder that time's running out to claim the 10% Early Bird discount for our fourth SysAid Certification course.

Stay tuned for more bright ideas and changes this Spring.


Israel Lifshitz
In this issue:

SysAid Release 6.0: New Screenshots & Features

Free SysAid 6.0 Webinar

IT Success Story: Computer Depot

Interview: Mike Mullins SysAider of the Month

Internal SysAid Campaign: F11 Hotkey

Know Your Knowledgebase

A Tip for Sorting Old Service Requests

Hottest Posts from the SysAid Community

Poll of the Month: When are you most effective in IT?

IT Joke: IT Crowd

SysAid Release 6.0

Coming soon...

SysAid Release 6.0 is loaded with new features and innovations to enrich your existing SysAid toolkit and enhance your SysAid user experience. Designed to improve integration, ease-of-use, and functionality in almost every corner of SysAid, it also includes two new ITIL modules; Change Management and Problem Management.

With over 50% of new features developed in response to your feature requests alone, it's what you've asked for... and more. If you're currently covered under our Support and Maintenance License Agreement, you will automatically be entitled for the free upgrade to SysAid 6.0 upon general release.

You'll find new and exciting changes across all SysAid modules, including:

- Gain enhanced control over your IT environment with auto-discovery of network devices using SNMP
- Customized SNMP data extraction lets you choose the device data you need

- Schedule regular LDAP refreshes to keep SysAid fully up-to-date with the latest user information
- Improved integration means that users will automatically be disabled in SysAid when disabled in LDAP
- Now you can manage both manual and LDAP users together
Helpdesk: Quick Lists (SR Templates), expanded helpdesk information, SR print layout options, new purging permissions, enhanced search capabilities and more
Knowledgebase: File attachments, advanced search options
News: Increased visibility, targeted readership
End User Portal: Increased CMDB & corporate website integration
Projects & Tasks: Improved Gantt Chart displays, new purging permissions
Monitoring: Simplified generic tracking
Manager Dashboard: Improved data accessibility, dashboard views
CMDB: CI Templates, end user portal integration, asset import fields map, option to detach owner
SysAid Change Management: Use proven ITIL processes to improve the way you handle changes in your IT environment. Cover key ITIL stages including: Analyze > Approve > Implement > Release > Review and Close.
SysAid Problem Management: Based on ITIL best practice methods to help you resolve SRs and incidents as they arise and resolve root problem causes to minimize business impact.


  • A brief summary of other Release 6.0 features:

    And there's more! Refer to our for more details and screenshots.

    Last but not least, we've added two NEW ITIL Modules to our wide range of fully integrated SysAid ITIL best practice solutions available:

    See for more information.

    Be the first to road test the new SysAid 6.0 features! Sign up for our today.

    Don't miss our free online Webinar: Introduction to SysAid 6.0. We'll guide you through SysAid 6.0's newest features.

SysAid IT Success Story

The Power of One: Computer Depot USA

Computer Depot owner Gary Faulkner discovered that it doesn't take a host of IT administrators to relocate an entire office with SysAid.

As founder of Computer Depot, a local retail store, repair center, network provider and online web host, Gary Faulkner was accustomed to the odd run around Louisiana. But when faced with a major client's 400 mile relocation to Texas, his decision to accelerate SysAid's capabilities instead of his travel costs earned him more than just a happy customer.

In charge of relocating his client's IT, Gary was responsible for moving a Windows 2003 Domain Controller and establishing internet access in the new Texas office. The client also required remote access from its satellite office located 40 miles away in Kentwood.

Before the move, Gary used SysAid's remote control capabilities to connect to his client's PC's and configure them to the DHCP. As soon as the assets arrived in Texas, Gary set to work. After instructing the client to enter the necessary ISP information and establish internet access, in the blink of an eye using SysAid remote control, he was able to reconfigure the 2003 servers domain, email, VPN, new modem/router and intranet, as well as set up print servers and network printers. All that was left was to remote connect to the Kentwood satellite office and configure an RDC and VPN connection to the server in Texas. In a matter of minutes, the Kentwood was up and running and exchanging information with employees in Texas.

The whole time, Gary admits 'I have never seen the new Texas and Kentwood offices, nor have I seen the assets I configured or met the users I supported. Actually, I never left my desk right here at Computer Depot!' His client was impressed 'all the way round' by his efficient and cost-effective handling of the relocation. But that wasn't the only benefit. By leveraging SysAid's remote control capabilities, Gary had successfully reinforced his range of customer solutions and differentiated Computer Depot's services in the local market.

"By 2004, we were managing over 150 companies and driving all over trying to keep up. I searched for a remote solution to be able to track assets and provide remote support to my customers. I found SysAid and the rest was history. SysAid allowed me to review configurations, software, and continually provided feedback to our own in-house servers. It was the perfect solution. With SysAid, I was able to establish remote support capabilities in our area before remote support was even popular - giving us early leverage in that market. Everyone was impressed...and I owe it all to SysAid Helpdesk!"

Do you have a SysAid IT Success Story of your own?

We'd love to hear it, no matter how big or small, and maybe even run a feature on your organization. Send us your story, including as many details as you can and the best way for us to reach you.

SysAider of the Month Spotlight

Grasping Change with Mike Mullins

Managing change is always a challenge. Even more so as a new manager, recalls IT Manager Mike Mullins. Since signing up with SysAid in 2004, Mike has climbed the ladder in three different organizations - and successfully deployed SysAid in each. A seasoned IT mover and shaker, our Loyal SysAider of the Month offers a few tips on how to effectively manage the transition to SysAid and help users 'Grasp Change'.


Mike Mullins, IT Manager, Tidal Software, USA

Q. How long have you been in IT?
A. Since the early 80's. Back then IT was called Main Frame Support.
Q. What do you like best about being in IT?
A. The people.
Q. You've been with SysAid from the very beginning. In that time, how many companies and industries have you deployed SysAid in?
A. Three companies and industries; Down hole Oil Chemicals, Beverage Distribution and now Software Development.
Q. How many users did you support in each organization?
A. The first two were international operations (over 5000 users) so SysAid Enterprise was the installed version. Tidal Software is a smaller company with 250 users.
Q. What was your experience of scaling SysAid to suit the IT needs of each organization?
A. It wasn't difficult at all. The ease of deployment in the network using scripts or the deployment tool allows it to happen at any time.
Q. Do you know if any of these organizations are still using SysAid?
A. Actually, all of them!
Q. That's quite an achievement! What would you say your biggest SysAid-related achievement has been so far?
A. I'd have to say remote inventory. When purchasing smaller companies to bring into our organization, I would use SysAid to explore and report inventory of the companies' assets that we were preparing to acquire. A dial-up account was all it took, and outside of an administrator's password, the remote users had no idea it was even happening.
Q. Have you ever encountered any resistance when first deploying SysAid in a new organization? If so, how did you overcome it?
A. Yes. I generally tried to keep the users at ease by not deploying the remote control tools and/or the desktop icon. Also by being responsive to requests, and scheduling weekly IT meetings around opening Helpdesk tickets.
Q. What's the hardest thing about starting in a new IT department?
A. That depends on if you're the new tech support guy or the new manager. The new tech support person for example, relieves the current load so everyone likes the new guy. A new manager is quite a different story. The position brings change (ie. a new helpdesk system), which poses multiple challenges depending on the level of expertise and commitment of staff members. As a manager, it's necessary to assist in all aspects of the department and maintain acceptable levels of service. Being able to respond quickly to end user issues is a major accomplishment in today's trimmed-down work environment. SysAid has always provided me with that ability. I constantly preach 'Grasp Change' as new products are developed and deployed - they're usually designed to make your job easier.
Q. Can you offer advice to others wishing to carry SysAid into new organizations?
A. Configure all options and use them. The more the system is utilized (ie. computer, phone, new hires, reserving equipment, managing projects), the faster it will be accepted. But it's important to remember - if you're not responsive to your users, no amount of investment or system will ever work.
Q. What is it exactly that keeps you 'loyal' to SysAid?
A. The ease of use, both for administrators and end users. It's a leading edge application that should be part of every IT manager's arsenal.
Q. On a more personal note, how would you sum yourself up in a few words?
A. Hyperactive! I like to talk a lot. I also like preach to my support staff that you need to learn something new every day... and then share it.
Q. And finally, what are your hobbies?
A. Working...and IT! After that, housework, yard work, you name it.

Are you the next SysAider of the Month?

We're on the lookout for outstanding SysAiders in any one of our five categories: SysAid Moderator, Community Contributor, Loyal SysAider, Internal Promoter and SysAid Evangelist. Apply now and let us know if you fit the bill, for the chance to win a fantastic SysAid prize package and more.


Internal SysAid Campaign

Spruce up your keyboards... with hot new F11 SysAid stickers

Now there's an even better way to help your end users locate the SysAid quick launch key and encourage the use of SysAid in your office.

Brighten up your office keyboards with the latest season's SysAid green or SysAid icon. Get your design team on the case - we've already started, and we suggest you do too! It's a great way to remind your end users to use SysAid for IT Service Requests.

Thanks to Ken Hoopes of Watteredge Inc. for this fantastic idea. We're always on the hunt for new and exciting ways to promote the internal use of SysAid, so if you've got a tip, share it with us at Marketing Communications.


Know Your Knowledgebase

Add this useful tip to your local SysAid Knowledgebase

A tip for better managing high volumes of incoming emails on a daily basis

For those of you who find themselves lost in their inbox... Here is a tip that illustrates an idea you can think about and adopt to fit your needs.

Create the following new distributions lists (In Office 2003: File -> New -> Distribution List):

1. Fellow colleagues from my organization - this will contain all the emails of the employees in the company you work for
2. Suppliers - A list of all the suppliers that you are in contact with

Create the following new folders under your mailbox (In Office 2003: File -> New -> Folder):

1. Inbox - from my company to me
2. Inbox - from my company in cc
3. Inbox - from my suppliers
4. Inbox - from someone else in my address book
5. Inbox - from an unknown address

Now create some rules to spread all incoming emails among these folders...

Find out how in this useful Knowledgebase post.

Don't forget, you can integrate this and other Knowledgebase posts directly into your local SysAid with the click of a button. If you have a handy IT tip of your own, why not share it with us and help build a powerful IT Helpdesk Knowledgebase for all.

A Tip for Sorting Old Service Requests

From Sarah Lahav, Head of SysAid Customer Service and Support

Hello All,

Most of you have been using SysAid for quite some time now, which means that if your end users are looking at their 'View Old Service Requests' screen, they will probably have quite a few pages by now!

This month I am going to share with you a tip for changing default sorting so that the new Service Request will always show up first. This is only possible with the Full or Trial Edition.

In order to change the default sorting order in 'View Old Service Requests', here's what you need to do:

1. Customize the html file location as described at:

2. Edit the file 'user-end-portal.htm' and replace the line:

'< a href="EndUserSRs.jsp'


'Visit the SysAid Community to comment about this tip


Hottest Posts from the SysAid Community

Want to know more about customizing SysAid reports?

Customized reports collection
This thread, opened by Haim (SysAid Support) begins:

"Hello SysAiders!

From time to time, we receive requests to perform customization to reports in SysAid.

We have gathered some of the customized reports we have created and they are listed below:

Report fix: Software/Hardware inventory duplicate listing fix
Adding your own company logo to SysAid's report..."

The list goes on in this month's hottest Community post

Perhaps you have something else to add to this list?
Share it with us in the SysAid Community.


SysAid Poll of the Month: When are you most effective in IT?

Do you leap out of bed ready and fired up for another day in IT? Or does it take a good meal in the afternoon for the cogwheels to really kick in? Perhaps you'd burn the midnight oil through and through if only you could. Let us know - when do you reach your 'IT peak' during the day?

When are you most effective in IT?

Take our super-quick poll and share your thoughts.

Last month we asked:

What motivates you to achieve in IT?
Last month's poll revealed some impressive results which show just how passionate we are about IT. An overwhelming 95% of SysAiders gave financial reward the snub. Instead, 40% of SysAiders are motivated to achieve by a sense of intrinsic satisfaction and personal development, while 36% are spurred on by the lure of challenges in IT.

Financial reward
(e.g. bonus, salary increase)
Personal Development/Satisfaction 40%
Praise & Recognition
(e.g. promotion, awards)
Challenge 36%
Responsibility 10%

Joke: IT Crowd - Introducing the Internet

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