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Dear SysAid Users,

By now most of you are probably enjoying the basic new SysAid monitoring module. I trust that you find it both useful and cost effective. We have decided to grant a special discount to our existing users only: a 25% discount on the unlimited monitoring module is available just for you, our longtime users, until June 15th.

In this issue we share with you the exciting results we got for our User Satisfaction Survey. Sarah, the head of our support team, gives valuable information to those of you who provide services to several companies: how to customize SysAid to work with your different clients. Henrik, a SysAid support team member offers you a simple technical tip, that will save you a great deal of efforts when you work with  the new monitoring module. This issue includes also an ITIL best practice advice, and our helpdesk humor section.

I wish you all a sunny June,
Israel Lifshitz, Ilient's CEO.

SysAid User Satisfaction Survey- The Results!

As a part of our effort to provide you with a better product, we sent you the User Satisfaction Survey, and so far we got important feedback. The results were very good, but as we strive to excellence, we took notice of the things that are important to you and that can be improved in our software and services. We will use this information to guide us in the developing of SysAid.

You seem to be happy with our product, our prices, our website, and the different modules we offer. Everybody here in the SysAid team is talking about the good results of the survey. 93.98% have rated the overall quality of SysAid 'excellent' or 'very good'.

We have found out that our users are extremely satisfied with our support services.  82.9% of you are pleased with our support services. This was not much of a surprise, but indeed made Sarah and her team happy. They are all very devoted to their work, and  have a great passion for providing help to those who need it..

According to the survey, most of our users prefer SysAid to other IT management software because it answers more than a single IT need and because it is so easy to download, install and implement. We were particularly happy to hear this, since this is compatible with our view and plans for SysAid- we want it to include all IT solutions, and at the same time, to be simple and easy to use.

Technical improvements of the search in our FAQs and in our technical guides on the website is high on our priority list.

SysAid can be customized to operate with several companies

Sarah Newsletter Tip

A Tip from Sarah Lahav, the Head of SysAid Support Team
Many of you, the IT professionals who use SysAid, provide help desk services to more than a single company.
Therefore, it is especially valuable for you to know that you can customize SysAid to support different companies!
SysAid allows you to provide a multitude of options or details for service requests to clients from different companies, to route the service requests of various companies to particular IT administrators, to create hierarchies between the priorities attributed to service requests arriving from different companies according to their SLA and more.

Click here to the full explanation!

A Useful Tip for SysAid Users

Creating a minor diversion in a monitoring template:

A tip by Henrik Bernhard, a member of the SysAid Support team

You may wish most of your network assets to go through the same monitoring tests, yet for a few specific assets you wish to add some other special tests.

For example, assume you have 300 workstations in your organization, and you wish to monitor them all for Memory Usage. Yet, there are 50 workstations that you also wish to check in particular, since they include classified information, and you do not want any of the users to copy information into portable storage devices.

Create a workstation template that will include the Memory Usage test, and apply it to all of your 300 workstations.

Then, detach the template from the 50 workstations that contain the classified information. The settings of the template will be saved for these workstations.

Now you will be able to add a Hardware Update test for these particular assets, and be notified whenever a portable storage device is installed on any of these 50 workstations.

Yet, note that if you update the template, future changes in the template will not be updated for the detached assets.
For instance, if you choose to replace the Memory Usage test defined in the template with the Memory in use/RAM ratio test, the change will be updated only for the 250 workstations which are still connected to the template. The 50 workstations for which you have defined the extra test will continue to be monitored for Memory Usage rather than for Memory in use/RAM ratio, since they have already been detached from the template.

ITIL Best Practice

Deploying Self-Service Strategy

One of the greatest benefits of a computerized service desk is the ability to activate the users themselves to solve their own difficulties. This can take place since there are many recurring questions that do not require direct support from professionals. Self service strategy can therefore save a lot of time work and money for everyone involved. Another benefit of the self-service strategy is that it gives your end-users the ability as well as the confidence to solve their own difficulties.

Here are a few things to remember when enabling self service:

  • Provide the end users full access to the information that they can use to solve their problem.
  • Take care to ensure that searching the knowledge base will be quick easy to use.
  • Render the interface as user friendly and as clear as possible.
  • Enable the end users to check on their progress

SysAid encourages the self service strategy by enabling an FAQ page in the End User Portal, and also by the option to save significant service requests in the knowledge base.

Help desk Joke

Jon Bavington, an IT professional for ICARUS3W, promises that if you have ever worked on a tech support desk you will understand this all too well!

We have viewed this clip, and smiled with recognition. Thanks, Jon