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Hottest Posts from the SysAid Community: Naming Your Servers

Tutorial: Creating End-User Supervisors

Tip of the Month: Easier Customization with Dropdown Filters

Poll: Do You Use Your Smartphone for Work?

Joke: Java 4-Ever - the Movie

Dear SysAiders,

We at SysAid are starting October with exciting news: we're now putting the finishing touches on the Beta version of our newest release, SysAid 7.5! On October 19, you'll be able to see SysAid 7.5 before its official release and try its new features and functionalities for yourself.

Our two releases of 2010 - 7.0 and now 7.5 - have struck a perfect balance in my goal of constantly improving SysAid for you. We're always thinking of new trends and methodologies that can help you solve the IT challenges you face every day. At the same time, it's equally important that we constantly improve and enhance the modules and features that are already there in SysAid and are at the core of better IT management.

That's exactly what we've achieved with SysAid 7.5. We've listened to your feedback and implemented features that will make SysAid work even better for you: improved usability, more permission controls, better customization options ... for an idea of what's to come on October 19, take a look at the screenshot sneak peek of SysAid 7.5!

To experience SysAid 7.5 for yourself this October, join the SysAid Pathfinder Program to become a SysAid Beta tester! Not only can you be the first to see SysAid 7.5 before its official release, but you can also join the ranks of true tech innovators that influence the future of SysAid!

Take my word for it - IT's better than ever with SysAid 7.5!


Israel Lifshitz, CEO


SysAid Release 7.5 Beta
A Screenshot Sneak Peek!

We're happy to announce that on October 19, the Beta version of SysAid 7.5 will be released! This release includes new features and functionalities that are designed to enhance your day-to-day experience with SysAid and help you manage your IT activities with ease and maximum control. While you'll have to wait until its official Beta release to see a full list of all that's included in SysAid 7.5, check out the screenshot sneak peek below to get a taste of what's to come in our newest release!

New Calendar in End-User Portal

Calendar in End User Portal

The key to providing excellent support doesn't just depend on fast response time and high availability; it also requires that you communicate effectively with end-users. With the release of SysAid 7.5, end-users can stay more informed than ever about the status of their service requests. A new calendar is now available in the End-User Portal where end-users can view the request dates of the service requests they submitted, the due dates of these service requests, and all group events that are relevant to them.


Because the End-User Calendar is completely integrated with your Help Desk, this information is automatically added to the calendar. The benefits are two-fold: you can spend less time talking to your end-users about the status of their service requests and instead focus your time on resolving them, and your end-users can rest assured that they're receiving proper attention and high-quality support. Just another SysAid feature that has you in mind!

Recently Viewed Items

Recently Viewed Items

Get faster access than ever to important information! SysAid 7.5 now includes a dropdown list of the last 10 items you viewed in SysAid. Simply click on any item in the list to immediately return to the form view of the entity you've already looked at. Easier navigation and fewer clicks- IT's simpler than ever!

What else does SysAid 7.5 have in store for you?
Additional highlights of SysAid 7.5 include:

* Disabled Assets: When you scrap a computer or get rid of other assets in your organization, you can now disable them in SysAid - and you can still keep their full history, even if the assets don't exist anymore!
* Dependencies Between Tasks: The Tasks and Projects module just got a lot more powerful! You can now create dependencies between tasks for start and end time. For example, in a project where you're migrating servers, Task 2 (data migration) can only start once Task 1 (installing the servers) has been completed.
* More Customized Reports: The Report Wizard in the Manager Dashboard now lets you combine two different entities in a completely customized report that gives you more valuable and meaningful information.

... and that's just to name a few features! Stay tuned for more information to come about SysAid 7.5. In the meantime, now's a good time to make sure you have a valid support and maintenance account - try to log in to the SysAid help desk to check. When SysAid 7.5 is officially released next month, you'll be able to upgrade immediately!

The SysAid Pathfinder Program
Join Other IT Leaders to Test SysAid 7.5 Beta!

Although SysAid 7.5 won't be officially released until November, you can still get to see all of its new features and functionalities on October 19 - join the SysAid Pathfinder Program to experience the Beta version of SysAid 7.5 before the rest! With the thrill of being the first to see this much awaited release, SysAid Pathfinders give our R&D department feedback in the final stages of release development and help us make each new release better than ever. This group not only influences the future of SysAid - they also form an elite task force that is forging the future course of IT! Sign up for the SysAid Pathfinder Program today!

Hottest Posts from the SysAid Community
Naming Servers: Putting the Fun in Functionality

Homer Simpson. Hercules. Captain Picard. TV characters, Greek gods, and geek icons, yes, but also the name that many IT pros refer to on daily basis with the utmost seriousness - their servers!

For many IT pros, monitoring and maintaining servers is a day-in day-out responsibility that's central to the performance and success of the IT department. For the September Poll of the Month, we asked, "How do you name your servers?" and from the responses, we uncovered two sides to the debate: fun versus functionality.

An overwhelming number of SysAiders - 73%, in fact - report that when it comes to naming servers, it's most important that the name clearly express its functionality. As AtomicDon explained:

"Before I started they had been doing Greek Gods, but no one could keep track of what each server did so we went to functional names. Boring but very useful when troubleshooting what server does what."

While conventions may vary, most SysAiders from the functionality camp usually follow a naming system that lists a code of the location, branch, number, and functionality. Thus a development application server in London becomes Lon-APP-D01.

On the other side of the debate, many SysAiders trade in functionality considerations for a more creative approach, and give personalized names to everything from their servers to their printers.

"'I've never liked using printer names like HP_LaserJet_01 because it seems so cold and impersonal. I like people to identify with their printers. So in my current job, I named all the CT printers after constellations: AQUARIUS, ARIES, LYNX, HERCULES, ANDROMEDA, ORION, etc.

Then the people in the NY office made fun of my naming I renamed all the NY Printers to characters from a Dr. Seuss book call "On Beyond Zebra". I still laugh when they have to tell me they can't print to FLOOB or SNEE or even better...ZATZ!

The moral of the story...don't mock your IT staff! :-)"

- kdorfsman

"We have a more fun approach. All servers are planets and stars... All our laps are shuttle craft from Star Trek. Pcs are all Star Trek characters which each business unit a series and each GM a captain...I just did not like boring."
- Jonathan

If following BobLindemann's example, it seems that there can, indeed, be a compromise between fun and functionality!

"Back in the day we named after space shuttles, but as so many people we quickly ran out of names. When redoing our entire environment about 8 years ago at the same time Arnold Schwarzenegger was gaining popularity in California in his political run for Governor, he was nicknamed 'Governator', so we picked up on that and named our Primary DC at the time Governator. All of our servers picked up on that and now are named with some sort of functional or location name and ending in 'nator'. ie Faxinator, terminator, webinator, exchanginator, etc. Strange, I know!! :-)"

To read more responses, check out the Community post here - and leave your own ideas and opinions, too!


SysAid Flash Tutorials
Creating End-User Supervisors for Your Organization's Departments

While many of your IT tasks focus on resolving individual end-user issues, there are many times when your activities affect entire groups of people. If the printer in the HR department needs to be replaced, for example, chances are that everyone in HR will be eager to know when you plan on installing a new one. Instead of communicating with everyone in the department on a one-on-one basis, SysAid makes it easy for you to create and communicate with a central point of contact in every department.

This tutorial shows you how to create different departments in SysAid and appoint individual end-users to act as department supervisors. When these supervisors log in to the End-User Portal, they can access a log of the service requests that members of their department submitted. Watch the tutorial below to see how it works!

Creating End-User Supervisors screenshot

Get more out of SysAid's other features and functionalities - watch the other videos in our tutorial series and learn how to make SysAid work for you!


SysAid 7.5 Spoiler: Easier Customization with Dropdown Filters
A Tip from Sarah Lahav,
Head of SysAid Customer Service and Support

Sarah Lahav In the upcoming launch of our newest release SysAid 7.5, you'll see that we've focused much of our effort on making the customization of SysAid even easier for you. Among these new features, we have implemented a new way for you to easily add, remove, and change the dropdown filters in your help desk list.

Sarah Tip October 2010 Screenshot 1

To easily customize the filters of your help desk list, all you have to do is click on the blue cogwheel icon at the top of the page. There you'll find a full predefined list of dropdown filters under "Filter Menus." Select the filter you want to add or remove, and then click Edit, Add, or Remove to enable your settings.

Sarah Tip October 2010 Screenshot 2

If you want to change the order in which the filters appear above the help desk list, all you need to do is again click on the cogwheel icon, and next to the predefined filters list, play with the arrows to move the items up and down.

This is just one example of how SysAid 7.5 makes customization simpler than ever. I won't reveal any more spoilers of what will be included - you'll have to wait and see for yourself!

Visit the SysAid Community to comment about this tip

Poll of the Month
Do You Use Your Smartphone for Work?

Remember the days when telephones were used for talking and you could take them only as far as the cord could physically stretch? Things have changed a lot since then, and with the rapid pace of tech innovation, there are few things that have evolved quite as dramatically as the telephone. Nowadays people use their phones for far more than just talking: sending email, snapping photos of family and friends, getting the news, watching sports games, reading the latest bestsellers, playing games ... for many people, entire parts of their lives can be literally carried around in their pocket!

It's only inevitable, then, that many people use their smartphones for work, too. The work of an IT pro never stops, and a lot of us now rely on our iPhones, BlackBerries, or Android gadgets to get the job done even we're away. Others prefer to keep a clear separation between work and personal life, and use their phones only for socializing and fun. This October we want to know - Do you use your smartphone for work?


Joke of the Month
Java 4-Ever - the Movie

October 2010 Joke Screenshot

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