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Release 7.5 Available in One Week!

Register for the SysAid 7.5 Webinar

Behind the Scenes: the Road from Beta to Official Release

SysAid User Meeting in Dresden

Tip of the Month: Track your Service Request Due Dates

Poll of the Month: How Do You Feel About Telecommuting?

Joke: Breaking News: All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash

Dear SysAiders,

The countdown is on: in exactly seven days, we'll be launching the official release of SysAid 7.5! Since its Beta release two weeks ago, our office has been abuzz as we test, tweak, and put the finishing touches on a release that promises to bring you greater control over your IT environment. We've now entered the final stage of development: the SysAid 7.5 Release Candidate was released today! Register for the SysAid Pathfinder Program to now download what will likely be the final version of SysAid 7.5!

These past few weeks have been a dynamic period of collaboration and cooperation here at SysAid. With the official release deadline quickly approaching, we've been working harder than ever to put the feedback of our Beta-testing Pathfinders into action and deliver features that work as we designed. Get the inside scoop on the development of SysAid 7.5 in our behind the scenes interviews with different members of SysAid!

As you wait for the official release of SysAid 7.5 on November 9, you can learn all about what it has in store for you in the SysAid 7.5 Presentation. Better usability, increased permissions, and simpler customization - it's a release that we designed with your day-to-day tasks in mind! One day after the official release, we'll be holding a free webinar on the ins-and-outs of SysAid 7.5's new features. Register now for the Introduction to SysAid 7.5 Webinar - it's free, it's live, and it'll help you get the most out of SysAid 7.5!

Have a fantastic November and enjoy SysAid 7.5!


Israel Lifshitz, CEO


IT's Better Than Ever with SysAid 7.5!
Upgrade to Our Newest Release on November 9

The wait is almost over - in exactly one week, SysAid 7.5 will be officially released! Developed according to much of your feedback and feature requests, our newest release is specially designed to improve your day-to-day experience with SysAid. We've taken the modules and functionalities you already use to run your IT department and made them even better! Faster navigation, more resources for your end-users, better control over your assets ... in SysAid 7.5, you'll enjoy new tools that can make all the difference throughout your workday!

So What's SysAid 7.5 All About?
All is finally revealed in the 7.5 presentation! Check it out below to see which features are included in our newest release.

SysAid 7.5 Beta Screenshot

For an even more comprehensive overview of everything that's included in SysAid 7.5, you can read the SysAid 7.5 release notes. So what are the main advantages of SysAid 7.5 that you have to look forward to?

* Better Usability
You can now accomplish your tasks with fewer clicks! Access pages faster than ever with a dropdown list of the 10 most recent items you used, easily connect one CI to multiple CIs in the CMDB, choose from a new set of predefined filters to add filters to your help desk list, and more.

* More Permission Controls
Keep more control than ever over which information administrators can access and edit! New permission controls allow you to decide which administrators can create and modify news and Knowledge Base items. You can also restrict administrators who are not in approved groups from seeing or running restricted reports.

* Simpler Customization
Tailoring SysAid to suit your needs is easier than ever! You can now more easily customize the Submit Service Request form in the End-User Portal, decide which fields you want to add to the mobile service request form, and create completely customized reports by combining multiple entities.


...and those are just a few highlights! With SysAid 7.5, you'll be able to work more efficiently than ever and exercise maximum control over your IT processes. In exactly one week, this new toolbox will be yours to enjoy!

Webinar on New Release 7.5
Register Now and Join Us Next Wednesday!

Join us online next Wednesday to learn all about SysAid 7.5 one day after its official release! On November 10, we'll be holding a free live webinar to introduce you to all of SysAid 7.5's new features and functionalities.

In this comprehensive online tour, the SysAid Product Management team will show you all that's included in SysAid 7.5 and help you learn how to get the most out of our newest release from day-one. See how SysAid 7.5 can make your day-to-day routine easier - register now to reserve your spot at the webinar!


Behind the Scenes of 7.5
The Road from Beta to Official Release

With the crunch of the release deadline also comes the excitement of collaboration that's unique to the Beta period of a new release. Our support team gets to reconnect with familiar Pathfinder names and faces on the Community; armed with fresh cups of coffee, the R&D team works late into the night on bug fixes; the Product Management team shares breakfast early in the morning to discuss the status of pending issues.

In these few weeks, we're more committed than ever to ensuring the quality of our product and preserving the special partnership we have with our customers. So how do we make sure that the feedback of all our Pathfinders is put into action? See what the SysAid team has to say about what has been happening behind the scenes with SysAid 7.5!

On the Front Line: The SysAid Support Team
From the moment the Beta release is launched, the SysAid Support Team devotes itself to the feedback and input of our Pathfinders. There is a team member managing the Beta Issues Forum of the Community at all times, all issues reported via email are prioritized in a separate queue, team members work to reproduce reported issues, and all confirmed bugs are then reported to the R&D team for repair. In addition, the team provides Pathfinders with all the support they need if workarounds and quick solutions are necessary for their system.

Inna Rozman Inna Rozman
SysAid Technical Support Engineer

"I love working with Pathfinders during the Beta testing process. It's a special partnership where we work together, and I get to see what an active role they play in the creation of our new releases. They take it upon themselves to test the product, and it's my job to give back to them - be there for them, respond to their questions quickly, and help them with what they need. Pathfinders work to get the best possible product that serves their needs, and I get to help them achieve that!"

The Next Phase: Quality Assurance in SysAid R&D
Once the Support Team identifies a bug, the issue moves on to R&D where it is thoroughly investigated. With a deep knowledge of SysAid's functionalities, the QA team is responsible for understanding how SysAid features should work and analyzes how changing or adding one functionality may inadvertently impact another. In constant collaboration with the R&D team, QA ensures that bugs are resolved and pushes the release closer to completion.

Olga Perepelitzki Olga Perepelitzki
SysAid QA Engineer

"For me, the development of a release follows many stages and starts long before the Beta is ever released to Pathfinders to test. I learn how the features are supposed to work, I identify the bugs, I return it to development, they fix the issues, and it goes back and forth until it's ready for the Beta release. The process then continues, but this time with the feedback of Pathfinders who are testing it. It's a busy time right now - we're working some pretty long shifts - but it's worth it! I really enjoy the satisfaction of the end result: smooth installation, easy implementation, and features that work as they should."

Making IT Happen: SysAid Product Management
Overseeing the entire Beta testing process is SysAid Product Management. As the planners and key architects of the SysAid product roadmap, the Product Management team works throughout the Beta period to make sure that all new features function as they were originally designed. In constant collaboration with the support, R&D, and QA teams, and based on the feature requests of our customers, SysAid Product Management puts the final stamp of approval on all of our new releases.

Sivan Marton Sivan Marton
SysAid Product Manager

"Every morning, we have a meeting with R&D, QA, and Support to see where things stand with Beta - which issues are pending, which have been resolved, and if there's anything new to report. In this stage, I do everything from checking the icons in the GUI to closing all 32 translation files for the End-User Portal to testing out different user scenarios in the system. It's a busy time where we make sure that the product delivers what we intended when we first designed it. After months of planning new features, it's so much fun to see them implemented and working!"

At the core of the entire process, of course, are our 2000+ Beta-testing Pathfinders! With a passion for tech innovation, an adventurous spirit, and a commitment to the future of SysAid, this group makes the Beta process possible - and makes SysAid better for everyone! Become a SysAid Pathfinder to download the SysAid 7.5 Release Candidate. This is likely to be the final version of SysAid 7.5, and you can now see it an entire week before its official release!

SysAid User Meeting 2010
SysAiders Join in Dresden to Discuss IT Best Practices!

On October 5, 2010, SysAiders from across Germany joined in Dresden to participate in the SysAid User Meeting, a two-day conference on ITIL best practices, techniques for effective IT management, and solutions for the day-to-day challenges of an IT pro.

Roundtable discussions and workshops gave participants the chance to discuss their own experiences, challenges, and successes. Even better, thanks to the fact that SysAid Director of Product Management Oded Moshe was in attendance, participants got a sneak peek of our newest release SysAid 7.5 a full two weeks before its Beta release!

While the strictly IT-focused aspects of the conference were valuable, equally amazing was the location: Schloss Eckberg, a castle of fairy-tales that now serves as a beautiful hotel!

SysAid User Meeting 2010 join
SysAid User Meeting participants join outside Schloss Eckberg in Dresden

SysAid User Meeting 2010 SLA
Participants learn about the effective implementation of SLA Management

Oded Moshe sums up the experience pretty well with this:

"I loved having the opportunity to finally meet face-to-face with people I only had only known from the Community until now. The stories the participants shared were so interesting, and we all learned so much from each other's input. Plus, the location was fantastic!"


Track your Service Request Due Dates
A Tip from Sarah Lahav,
Head of SysAid Customer Service and Support

Sarah Lahav When providing support, we know that it's important to close your service requests by their due dates. Your end-users depend on fast resolution time, and if working with SLA management, you need to keep in compliance with any service level agreements you have created. A new feature in SysAid 7.5 makes it easy for you to track service request due dates and stay informed about your deadlines.

Here's what you do:
  1. Go to the help desk list and click on the blue filter icon at the top.
  2. In the expression builder that opens, choose "due date."
  3. Under the "equals" dropdown list, you can then choose any of the values that appear.

Once you choose a value, the list will then filter the results. For example, if you choose "has passed," you'll see a list of all service requests that have passed their due dates. If you choose "next seven days," you'll see a list of service requests that are due at some point within the coming week.

Due Dates Screenshot

Back in the list, you can filter the results even further by choosing the "assigned to" filter to view due dates per administrator. Export the results into an Excel file or print it as a PDF so that you can stay informed at all times about your due dates and deadlines!

Visit the SysAid Community to comment about this tip

Poll of the Month
How Do You Feel about Telecommuting?

In the age of VPN connections, videoconferencing, and collaborative software, more people than ever enjoy the flexibility of "telecommuting" - or more simply put, working from home! The benefits for many are clear: spend more time working and less time sitting in traffic, create a schedule that works around your busy lifestyle, and spend less money on transportation to and from the office. Even more options are available for IT pros - with technologies like remote control, smartphone applications, text message notifications, and full automation, it's easy to provide support from anywhere.

On the other hand, there are certain valuable elements of office life that you'll never get working from home: face-to-face interaction, the buzz and excitement when a big deadline is approaching, and the professional and personal connections you make. So what's your stance - how do you feel about telecommuting?


Joke of the Month
Breaking News: All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash

November 2010 Joke Screenshot

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