Newsletter #48 - February 2011
Israel Lifshitz DEAR SYSAIDERS
Yesterday marked our annual SysAiday, a company event that joins everyone together to discuss our goals and ambitions for the coming year. I can say that 2011 is going to be incredible!

So what can you expect? Not only are we adopting new technologies, putting increased attention on performance, and improving SysAid's usability, we are implementing new customer relations strategies to provide you with the best possible service. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and our support team is dedicated to providing you with even more personalized attention. Your needs and unique challenges will be taken into consideration to make your SysAid experience better than ever!

In addition, we're pushing forward new social networking initiatives to help you connect and collaborate with other SysAiders. Last month we launched our first LinkedIn activity. Within just one week, over 60 SysAiders joined our network of IT pros, recommended SysAid, and shared their professional experiences. Join us on LinkedIn to connect with others and keep your finger on the SysAid pulse!

Stay tuned for what's to come - it means lots of exciting things for you!
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People Running New IT Benchmark Results
Are Here!
The IT Benchmark converts the raw data of your IT activities into meaningful statistics and numbers to help you evaluate your IT performance. Not only can you compare your current performance to how you've done in the past, you can also compare your results with thousands of other IT departments using SysAid throughout the world.

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Linked-In Link-In to SysAid and Connect with other IT Pros!
Did you know that there were nearly two billion people searches on LinkedIn in 2010? Well that's what LinkedIn says, and we believe it! We welcome you to join SysAid's LinkedIn network of IT pros to stay up-to-date on the latest SysAid news, content, and promotions as well as connect with other best-in-class IT people from around the world.

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Andra Alves CIO Andre Alves Takes SysAid Beyond IT
In Melgaço, a small municipality in Western Portugal, the economic recession has presented CIO Andre Alves with daunting challenges. Alves has implemented SysAid to not only provide technical support to all of Melgaço's municipal workers but has also employed ITIL best practices with SysAid to organize food hand-outs, charity operations, and much more.

> Read Melgaço's SysAid success story
Mitch Willis Fierce Competition for the SysAid Video Contest
Meet Mitch Willis, CFO of Modern Industries in Erie, PA, and winner of the October SysAid video clip competition! We got some great clips, but Mitch definitely raised the bar. He received a Sony HD video camera and was featured at SysAiday, our annual company gathering. We were all blown away by Mitch's creativity, talent, and enthusiasm for SysAid!

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