SysAid - Newsletter #65 - July 2013
Sarah Lahav
Many users say that one of the best things about SysAid is the amount of features we offer. Having a long feature list is great, but the user interface controls your access to all these features - making the UI critical to a good user experience. The UI serves as the gateway between the user and their ability to easily and successfully use a product to its full power.
This is why SysAid has invested months of time and energy into building a new UI! Offering a clean, easy-to-use UI lets our users navigate and access all the features they want, and interact with SysAid exactly the way they are meant to. So check out the 5-minute video overview of the new UI, and see how your Service Desk just got more beautiful.
Sarah Lahav, CEO
New SysAid Website
Check Out the Fabulous New SysAid Website
The User Interface of a product delivers the user experience, and here at SysAid, the user experience is top priority. This is why we have also revised our website with better navigation, a new intro video, articles that are easier to read, and more. So come check it out!
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Software Facelift
The Process of an IT Management Software Facelift
Making a good user experience means getting into the head of the users, and giving them what they want, where they want it. Read how SysAid’s graphic designer discovered the most used pages, mouse movements and more to design SysAid’s new UI.
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Tutorial - New SysAid UI
5-Minute Overview of New UI
Want to get a quick overview of SysAid’s new UI? Check out this tutorial and see the new: top bar, categories, and “My Menu” feature! We’ll also show you how to upload a personal picture to your SysAid Account.
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Coming Soon  
SysAid 9.1 Beta Release for On-Premise Customers
On-Premise Customers will be able to see the great new UI and test out SysAid 9.1 in our new Beta Release coming just next month, on August 11th! Contact for more information.
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On-Premise Beta Release for SysAid 9.1
Joke of the Month
Junior asks his dad, “Daddy, how was I born?”
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SysAid Academy
New UI Webinar: See SysAid’s Fresh User Interface!
We all know the UI of a product delivers the user experience. So come see a more in-depth view of SysAid’s new UI. You’ll see the new: top bar, settings, and “My Menu” and “Announcements” feature. Plus, learn how to upload a personal picture to your SysAid Account!

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