SysAid Greatest Hits 2017  
2017 was a busy year for us here at SysAid, with tons of exciting innovation and improvements made to your service desk. Let’s take a walk down memory lane, and look at some of our favorite hits from 2017.
  SysAid - The Greatest Hits of 2017  
1. We Dropped the #1, Military-Grade Remote Support with TeamViewer Embedded
You got to experience the #1, ultra-secure remote service that embeds right into your SysAid workflow. TeamViewer Embedded lets you launch sessions from incidents, get full audit info after sessions, unlimited concurrent admin access, and other features that perfectly fit your service desk. Even better, there’s also no need for any pre-existing accounts, downloads or installs.

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2. Patch Management Prevents Another Petya
2017 was a dangerous year, filled with vicious ransomware attacks like WannaCry and Petya. This was the year that SysAid’s GFI Patch Management kept your network security safe, secure and protected from cyber attacks - by deploying patch management directly from inside your SysAid service desk.
  Self-Service Portal  
3. Self-Service Portal: An IT Admin’s Dream Come True
You learned how to change the look & feel, customize colors, themes and company logos of your beautiful, new, codeless Self-Service Portal. Now you can organize your workload with ease, while your end users enjoy 24 hour convenience to submit tickets and find answers to their questions. Complete with new UI and responsive design, it really is not to be missed. Watch the webinar to experience the new Self-Service Portal.
4. Migration to Amazon Aurora DB
This year you moved with us from MySQL to an Amazon Aurora database. Aurora is quick as lightning (we’re talking 80% improvements at our data centers), performs like a dream and is incredibly stable. So say goodbye to lags and downtime, and say hello to 5x faster performance when filling out tickets, using reporting and more.