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How Much Should a Good Service Desk Software Cost?

By | June 18, 2013 in Service Desk

As someone who has been in the IT services industry for several years, I am often asked - what is the right price to pay for a help desk solution?

This seems to be a very easy and straight forward question to answer, however it is also one of the more challenging questions, and in this blog post I will try to explain why.

The first question you should ask yourself when looking at help desk solutions isn't necessarily how much does it cost, but rather it should be what am I looking to achieve from having a help desk software. For example, is your goal to make your IT department more efficient, improve their operational flexibility, or create a knowledge base for time optimization?

Having a solution that saves you time will save you money, and make much happier end users – including your CEO, who you always want to keep happy.

The next issue to tackle is: where should I start?

Most IT managers look for a solution that solves a temporary issue. However, they should be looking at the big picture, whether it is a better way to control their assets, ITIL work flows, or mobile device management (MDM), among others. Regardless of the specific issues, they must consider the following questions:

  • What will their IT department look like in the future?
  • Will the service desk software grow along with them?
  • What additional functionality does the software offer that they do not use at the moment, and more important, why don't they use it?

I have seen over time how IT managers are always happy to learn more about new features and modules that can assist them in making their department more productive. Once they see how it can work for them, they are willing to spend a bit more for future growth.

The last question I would advise for you to address is: which system should I choose?

There are many solutions in the market ranging from multimillion-dollar implementations to free systems.

You should look for something in between. Free systems often lack important features and support and there is no guarantee they will grow with you, while expensive solutions tend to be over complicated and have long implementation processes.

Ideally, I would go for a cloud-based or install scalable solution. But remember to use the solution that will work best for your organization and one with a reasonable implementation process so that the time to production is minimized.

Good luck on your hunt!

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