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Significantly Enhance Your Service Desk Operations with Our New Barcode Add-On

By | June 18, 2015 in SysAid

Service desk operations with barcode add-on

I’m delighted to announce that we’ve added a new mobile asset management add-on and application (on iOS), which provides barcode scanning, audit, and reporting capabilities to the SysAid Service Desk/Help Desk. This is available as an add-on to our Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

The add-on (which has been driven by SysAid customers), will help those facing challenges such as:

  • Loss of assets
  • The inability to track inventory, including checking out and in scenarios
  • Limited auditing and reporting capabilities

So What Does It Do?

The add-on allows you to create a new asset by scanning its barcode; it is then synced with your SysAid account. Subsequently, you will be able to track the asset in the CMDB for the rest of the asset’s lifecycle..

In addition, you will be able to add the cost and asset type, as well as the condition and depreciation formula to be used. Once an asset is scanned into the CMDB, you can immediately check out that asset to a person or location.

At regular intervals, with the use of a barcode reader or using the SysAid barcode app on your mobile device, you can scan assets and access them in real time from the CMDB record. You can also update the record to include things such as: asset condition, ownership, and location. This data will then sync with your CMDB.

Using the app you can process inventory intake and audit different people and different locations (rooms, floors, buildings) that have been assigned ownership of the assets. You can also create reports for different departments that may require this data for financial and purchasing forecasting, as well as to reduce loss of assets.

Asset management with barcode app

How Does This Enhance Your Service Desk?

The SysAid barcode add-on will assist additional departments within the organization, not just IT, by providing a robust asset management solution, which includes:

  • Financial forecasting
  • Operational inventory control through audits
  • Dynamic maintenance control through real-time updating and reporting
  • The option to incorporate change management and control for all organizational assets

The add-on allows all departments within the organization to track and control the receipt, issue, use, maintenance, and removal of assets. It also allows for snapshot reporting on asset condition, cost, and depreciation – to help improve financial forecasting and purchasing decisions.

Here’s a few example scenarios that briefly show how the SysAid barcode add-on could be used in your organization:

  • Your Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can see the cost of assets over time. By understanding the cost and depreciation of assets, your CFO can better forecast for the future.
  • Facilities can use the add-on to better understand and track where assets have been placed and who last used a specific asset.  The add-on also allows them to quickly update and report on items requiring repair or replacement (maintenance). All-in-all it helps the team to be more responsive and to resolve issues more quickly.
  • HR can initiate a new employee number and automatically open a service request for IT and other departments to supply the equipment they require. The service providers can then associate all the new equipment (“assets”) to the employee within the CMDB. When the employee leaves the company, HR, IT, and other departments can collectively ensure all company property is returned.

Where Can You Learn More?

If you’re interested in seeing the barcode add-on and application in action, then you can watch the brief demonstration video below. Or for further information you can contact

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