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Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Free Asset Management Software

By | August 21, 2013 in Asset Management

Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Free Asset Management Software

Whether you’re a small startup with limited funds or an established company just trying to test different software, many businesses make the initial decision to use free asset management software. Free software is cost efficient, handles the basic needs of many companies, and allows you to experience the benefits of asset management without going all in.

However, there will eventually come a time when free asset management software will no longer suffice. As your business grows and expands, so will your IT needs. In order to make sure your asset management software will be able to support your needs, here are some signs to let you know when you’ve outgrown your free software.

1. You need frequent technical support

Most free software vendors’ offer limited support through community forums or access to a FAQ section. This might be sufficient for startup companies that are bootstrapping, but larger sized companies with multiple needs tend to run into a lot more technical issues that need to be resolved quickly and subsequently require access to phone and email support 24/7.

Consider the amount of time and resources used to figure out how to solve technical issues on your own. That time could be much better used for completing projects or other high priority tasks. With 24/7 support, issues can be resolved immediately.

2. You have a high number of users

If your company is growing rapidly, you will need software that can accommodate all of the users and their devices (especially if your company does BYOD). Free software will limit the amount of end users and assets that can be used.

When the amount of users allowed is capped, so is the opportunity for growth. If the number of employees you have is constantly growing and you are even considering going internationally, lift restrictions and upgrade to a paid asset management software.

3. You want a more customized experience

In general, any type of free software will only allow basic customization if any at all. To create a sense of unity and to establish the company brand, having a customized layout (logo, colors, UI) will help further your company’s identity and setup things in accordance to your specific needs.

4. You want more bang for your buck

Investing a little bit of money into paid asset management software will go a long way. By no means we think free software isn’t good. However, free software works great when there’s no sense of urgency and you just want to test out software without committing to a 30 day trial or a subscription plan.

Free asset management software imposes limits such as the inability to print certain reports and get complete analytics, limited remote access, and less integration. When you upgrade to paid software, you’re able to enjoy the entire capabilities asset management tools offer such as password services, setting up tasks and projects, and being able to completely manage all of the assets in your network.

It’s easy to be tempted by the allure of the word FREE, but free asset management won’t suffice forever. When free software won’t cut it anymore, step up to a paid plan and get the most of your asset inventory tool.

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