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Transitioning from SysAid CSS to IT

By | November 19, 2013 in SysAid

If you have a SysAid CSS account, this blog post is directed towards you.

SysAid has decided to merge SysAid CSS with our leading ITSM solution SysAid IT, and you have a lot to gain. As you may have noticed, SysAid CSS was not upgraded for quite some time. We were in thinking mode, assessing our next step with the CSS (customer service software) solution. The decision was made to bring CSS to the level of our popular IT solution, and offer all our CSS clients the same treatment as everyone else, in terms of consistent upgrades and updates.

Our Customer Relations department is here to support you with any issue that might come up in the transitions process. For your convenience, we have recorded a webinar that will explain the process and demonstrate some new features that you'll be getting. Watch the video below:

What Are We Changing?

Actually not much. Aside from several changes in the terminology, the transition to SysAid IT should be all smiles :). Here is a list of terms and their equivalents in SysAid IT:

  • Home = Admin Portal
  • Help Desk = Service Desk
  • Relation Mapper = CMDB Module
  • Process = Changes
  • Self Service Portal = End User Portal
  • User Management
    • Contact = End User
    • Agent = Administrator
    • Accounts = Companies

What Are the Benefits You Are Gaining?

With the transition to SysAid IT, you will have the privilege of using all the latest and greatest updates of our upcoming release version 14.1. Here is a short list of the capabilities you will be gaining.

  • A brand new and improved user interface. We have totally reconstructed the UI from the ground up to give you a great user experience.SysAid Help Desk Dashboard
  • SysAid is now fully ITIL compliant. This gives you the ability to manage very detailed work processes in order to improve effectiveness in your department.
  • Dynamic Forms. It has never been easier to submit service records. All users have to do is select the template that is suitable for the case they are presenting and SysAid will automatically fill in the rest. And of course, you have total control over the content of the template.
  • New Knowledge Base UI. We have totally redesigned our Knowledge Base, and it is now more intuitive to use and search. With the ability to add pictures, videos, and colors, you have the ability to create great knowledge items that have the potential to save you a great deal of service records being opened.

Goodbye CSS, Hello SysAid IT

So it is now time to say goodby CSS and hello to SysAid IT. Between November 24th and December 15th we will start the process of moving all our Cloud CSS clients to SysAid IT. As for our On-Premise clients, there will a beta version available for you on December 14th, and an official release in January 2014.

Please follow me on Twitter @SysAidAcademy...and let me know if you have any questions.

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