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Live Chat Transforms the Way IT Managers Communicate With End-Users, Simplifying the IT Process for the Entire Company and Dramatically Improving Efficiency

Tel Aviv, Israel - November 23, 2009 - SysAid Technologies Ltd., (, a leading global provider of help desk software solutions and Customer Service Support (CSS) software, publicly launched today its newest version of its help desk software, SysAid IT 6.5, featuring the industry's first-ever fully integrated Live Chat module.

The new Live Chat function enables IT administrators to communicate in real-time with end-users, providing them with the ability to conduct several different chats simultaneously, while monitoring the user's IT assets at the same time.

"This is the first time that a real-time communications platform has been seamlessly incorporated into the help desk software itself, and will greatly impact the way IT Administrators do their jobs," said Israel Lifshitz, founder and CEO of SysAid. "Months of research and development, as well as user feedback, have gone into the creation of version 6.5 and we are thrilled to introduce the remarkable Live Chat function to the IT community."

With SysAid 6.5, administrators can quickly get in touch with every end-user in their network and immediately resolve the end-user's issue, offering a faster and much more effective method than communicating via phone or email. In addition, Live Chat not only makes it easier for them to do their jobs, but simplifies procedures for the users as well; streamlining the IT process for the entire company and creating an environment that will allow the IT Department to make correct use of their available technology.

"The overwhelming majority of our 1,600 Beta-Testers for SysAid 6.5 have responded that Live Chat will be the cornerstone of I.T. support in the future," said Lifshitz. "This product is sure to change the face of the IT Industry as we know it."

In addition to the Live Chat module, SysAid IT 6.5 also includes improved graphical user interface along with 101 new features and a second brand new module - IT Benchmark.

The IT Benchmark module, an innovative tool unique to SysAid, will enable administrators to gain real-time industry insight and to better analyze, measure and evaluate their IT performance in comparison to other SysAid users around the world. Additionally, it will provide tighter integration between modules and will allow administrators to evaluate their current IT performance with their past performance as well as provide them with parameters highlighting areas most in need of improvement.

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