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Use scorecards to make sure your KPIs are balanced

I have written a number of blogs about metrics and KPIs recently, each focussing on a different area of IT service management. Here are some links in case you’ve missed any of them.

It's great to have well thought out KPIs for individual ITSM processes, but if you combine them all you will end up with a huge unwieldy report that’s of very limited use to anyone.

Every report must be useful to its audience, and everything in the report should be focussed on that audience. Somehow you need to create balanced reports for different audiences, but they all need to derive from the data that you have collected about what you are doing. My preferred approach to achieving this is to use a balanced scorecard.

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Packed and ready to go, for SysAid's first visit to FUSION

In the words of Peter, Paul, and Mary (or, if you prefer, John Denver), "All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go …" for SysAid's first visit to FUSION – an annual IT service management (ITSM) conference for ITSM professionals and IT leaders, brought to the ITSM Community by:

  • itSMF USA – a member-driven organization, and the United States chapter of the itSMF international organization, organized into local interest groups (LIGs) and special interest groups (SIGs) located in over 43 major metropolitan areas; and
  • HDI – a professional association and certification body for the technical service and support industry, serving a community of more than 120,000 technical service and support professionals.

We’re pretty excited about being there, meeting friends old and new, and learning more about ITSM in the conference track sessions on the 20-22 October 2014.

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BYOD: Will IT departments live long and prosper?

Last week at Interop, New York’s Javits Center was abuzz with IT professionals seeking practical advice on IT management good practices (and the technology to support them). The conference element included the following tracks:

  • Applications
  • Business of IT
  • Cloud Connect Summit
  • Collaboration
  • Infrastructure
  • Mobility
  • Risk Management & Security
  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

This BYOD* and mobility-related blog is the first of a number of SysAid blogs based on the Interop sessions – with the intention of spreading the Interop advice and good practice wider than its physical attendees.

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Interop: a First-Timer's View

Well, SysAid’s and my first day at Interop New York was a busy one.

As Joe the IT Guy states in his pre-Interop blog, SysAid is the only pure-play IT service management (ITSM) vendor at the event, which meant that we had some very meaningful conversations with attendees about ITSM, service desks, IT support, and improving IT service delivery. It was a very different experience to the many ITSM events we have previously exhibited, and in a good way.

But you don’t want to read about the SysAid booth traffic. And, while I was on the booth most of the day, I still managed to attend the four keynotes and a Women in IT lunch panel.

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CVE-2014-6271 aka Shellshock Bash Bug

Remember Heartbleed? Back in April, I was flooded with questions from our customers, so I wrote that blog post about it when the hype was about as big as Apple’s iPhone 6 announcement. Well, guess what? Five months later we’ve got a new vulnerability with an equally awesome name. Meet "Shellshock" - an awesome bug with the potential to be a as big as Heartbleed. Today, I wanted to put together something definitive, both for me to come to grips with the situation, and for others to separate the hype from the true underlying risk.

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Defining Metrics for Incident Management

I have written about how to define metrics and KPIs for IT service management processes before. In Defining Metrics for Change Management I discussed the importance of identifying stakeholders, and defining CSFs and then using these to help you think about what KPIs you should measure and report. In Defining Metrics for Problem Management I continued this theme, and showed how the KPIs that you find in best practice publications like ITIL may not be suitable for your needs.

In response to these earlier blogs, I received some requests for more blogs in the series, and in particular a request for guidance on metrics for incident management. So here are my thoughts on how you can define metrics for incident management…

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Consider the concept of shift left in ITSM

When looking at ways to improve your IT support and service desk, it’s always useful to take a look at what managed service providers (MSPs) are doing, since their entire business is based on successful and efficient service delivery – so they will always have some good ideas to consider.

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Evolution and How to Keep IT from Going Extinct

When I hear about Shadow IT and comments that the IT department will soon be dead, here are a few ITSM panicking thoughts I've heard so far:

  • Cloud computing is destroying the data center.
  • IT as we know it is going away.
  • Save yourself and change careers now! Perhaps an exciting job in exotic bird grooming?

Now that the panic is over, I want to reiterate what I’ve stated many times before – IT service management (ITSM) will never go away. After all, a service can have several means to deliver value. As long as expected outcomes are being produced with little to no risk, it doesn’t matter if the technology is in a private datacenter or being hosted by Amazon. With that in mind, here’s a survival guide on how not only to survive, but what to do to excel in the new way of IT.

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The Cloud Behind the Curtain - Why ITSM Matters

I’ve enjoyed working in the technology field for well over a decade. Either working on the service desk, in the process arena with incident management, or as a developer building creative solutions, I’ve always felt that the overall goal of IT was to make everything for customers as easy and seamless as possible. Mobile devices, virtual desktops, IP phones – all things that are designed to allow a person to connect with their workplace and perform their job from almost anywhere with any device they find preferable. For the better part of my IT career, these things have always been supported by the system administrators, developers and engineers living behind a mysterious technology curtain, existing for the purpose of getting people to ignore the technology and focus on how to best use a solution.

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Clearing Up the Myths of CMDB

"You can't achieve value from your investment in IT service management (ITSM) – ITIL processes, training and tools - if you haven't got a fully functional integrated, single-source of truth Configuration Management Database (CMDB)." This has long been trumpeted out at meetings and events, generally (although not always) by people who have no idea what this is or how to achieve it.

If there's one element that has been used (deliberately or otherwise) to slow down and scupper ITSM projects then it's been this – the impenetrable world of CMDB, or Configuration Management System (CMS), which is part of Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM).

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