Create Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that specify the service that your IT team is expected to provide, and meet them with predefined due dates and more.

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Service Level Agreements

You can create a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that states what you should do for any and every scenario in your IT department:.

  • Create and configure multiple Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Specify SLAs for individual users as well as companies as a whole
  • Set up different operating hours for different SLAs
  • Set up advanced measurements using various built-in function

Integrated with the Help Desk

SysAid makes meeting your SLAs easy because all SLAs are completely integrated with your help desk. Within each service record, you can instantly see the agreement that it’s a part of. With this information, you can make sure your support team follows the necessary steps to fulfill the SLA. This ensures end-user satisfaction, and keeps your team on top of assignments according to standardized procedures.

Customize the Settings to Suit Your Needs

Create and customize your own SLAs and measurements to suit your specific requirements. Specify which users get VIP service, analyze SLA performance per admin, and determine the optimum, warning, and critical values for your dashboard.

Providing feedback to the SysAid community is great. You never know when a simple idea can grow with the help of others and you see your idea come to life in newer versions. Craig Perelson, IMMIX Technical Consultant, Johannessburg, South Africa
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Service Level Management Dashboard

The colorful charts in the Service Level Management Dashboard give you an immediate visual overview of your current performance against your SLAs:

  • View your current grade
  • Predetermine the values of your optimum, warning, and critical grades
  • Drill down from a higher level measurement all the way to a specific service record
  • View your daily measurement grade over the previous 60 days to identify trends

Built-In Measurements

SysAid provides you with built-in measurements that you can use to evaluate your performance for each SLA. SysAid automatically measures how your help desk has actually performed in comparison to how it's supposed to perform as stated in your SLAs. Built according to service management industry best practices, some of these measurements include:

  • Percentage resolved by first level support
  • Average time to resolve incidents
  • Percentage of reopened incidents
  • Average time to respond
  • Percentage of urgent incidents

Instantly Evaluate Your IT Performance

Because the SLA Management module is completely integrated into SysAid, it automatically calculates important measurements so you can get an instant snapshot of your performance in real-time in the Manager Dashboard. Notice that the percentage of reassigned incidents has been going up? Drill down on the measurement to see the individual service records used in the calculation. Locate the problem, take the necessary actions to fix it, and improve your future performance.