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Can You Imagine a World Where IT Professionals Do Not Exist?

By | July 25, 2014 in General IT

Before you click play, imagine a world where IT professionals do not exist.

Can You Imagine a World Where IT Professionals Do Not Exist?

Throughout the year we stand by all of you amazing IT people. We appreciate everything you’ve done in the past 365 days.

This year was full of IT challenges, like BYOD, shadow IT, cloud, and Heartbleed, not to mention standard day-to-day challenges, like keeping up the good service, coping with end users, aligning to business needs, and so much more.

In the industry this year, a new discussion was started on what the future holds for the IT role, what it will look like with the growing trends of BYOD, shadow IT, and cloud. Many even went as far as to say the role of Service Desk Analysts and SysAdmins would potentially not exist a few years from now.

At SysAid, we know exactly what you do and have no questions about the important role you take in the success of your organization.

We don’t see your roles disappearing, in fact we believe that with the new changes, the organization will only need your IT skills even more. we do every year here at SysAid for System Administrator Appreciation Day, we’re happy to once again provide you an opportunity to look at an alternative reality that will make you laugh and will show our growing appreciation to all of you great IT people and everything you do—365 days a year.

Happy SysAdmin Day!


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