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SysAid Prepared to Deliver Ultimate IT Management Experience in Mobile World

Tel Aviv, Israel – June 29, 2011 – Israel Lifshitz, CEO & Founder of SysAid Technologies Ltd., (, a leading global provider of IT Service Management (ITSM) and Customer Service Support (CSS) software, emailed today a personal letter, to over 60,000 SysAid customers, regarding the direction of SysAid as mobility seeps into the IT world. Here's the letter:


During these first weeks since our groundbreaking, mobile release of SysAid 8.0, I wanted to take this opportunity to talk to you about the direction of SysAid, and what we are doing to be the best help desk software provider for you.

help desk software About a year ago, I experienced an incredible déjà vu when I had to ask my 'whiz kid' colleagues how to use gestures and touch screen features on my new tablet. It suddenly brought me back to a time when I was a young IT worker in 1995, the year of the transition from the dumb terminal to the PC. I recall sitting with my CEO and teaching him how to use his PC and double-click with a mouse, something that is now second nature to us, while the traditional terminal is an artifact of the past.

Just as with the PC revolution, today we are truly experiencing a groundbreaking transition into mobile technology. Most working people go everywhere with a sophisticated mobile device, as they have become an essential tool in our everyday routine.

Whether we are at home or at work, there is a mobile technology revolution seeping into the fabric of our lives. IT is encountering this new challenge, and after much observation and analysis, I want to share with you how SysAid is prepared to deliver the ultimate IT management experience in a mobile world.

We see the world of IT is riding a new wave of mobile technology that is dramatically changing the forefront of how IT does their job. Like the PC revolution, which blurred the line between business and personal computers, the age of the mobile revolution has employees opting to use their personal device at work - BYOD (bring your own device).

Accessing corporate data on personal devices is just a part of a larger phenomenon that many experts are calling the consumerization of IT. This has one meaning for the average corporate IT department: Enterprise IT managers have to learn how to support a myriad of mobile products. Instead of building a defense against this powerful movement, I suggest we adequately prepare for it, join it, even celebrate this step into the future, and help make IT solutions even more productive in the age of mobility.

SysAid has developed a three-part plan to manage mobility in IT, while embracing its benefits and ensuring success.

  • One objective is to help IT professionals be proficient on the go from any mobile device. We have already implemented this development in SysAid 8.0 by providing excellent mobile tools for IT, such as the SysAid Help Desk App and the capability to use Remote Control on almost all mobile devices.
  • Another objective is to assist IT professionals in supporting mobility-providing tools for IT to support any mobile user. Reaching this goal may bring many new challenges to IT management, and I believe it will require IT professionals to master mobile apps instead of each individual device. I anticipate that essential desktop applications will also become available as mobile apps. Working to make these applications the most mobile-friendly and secure, while gaining the ability to support an application on any mobile device, will keep IT on top of the mobile world.
  • In order to complete a full mobile transition, a third objective is to give end users their own tools for mobile usage. A conceptual example is for end users to remotely access their workstation PC from their mobile device seamlessly, allowing all non-IT workers to perform better in a mobile environment.

As the mobile landscape expands and diversifies, SysAid is equipped with a pragmatic approach to give you the best help desk IT management, on the go and in the office. What do you think? I welcome your responses - please write me at or participate in the community forum. I am fueled with energy and innovation, and I am excited to ride this wave with you and realize the benefits of the mobile revolution together. See you on the other side.

Israel Lifshitz
CEO & Founder

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