Sintec embraces enterprise service management

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“SysAid provides added value that distinguishes us from the competition.”
Isaí Quintas, IT Manager



Lack of consistency and coherence in system management across all departments.

IT interactions need an auditable trail, with a view into how long each ticket took to be resolved, if it was resolved on time, and any trending issues.

Inability to measure performance in multiple departments to ensure the highest quality back-office support.

Defined SLAs for administration, marketing, sales, HR, and design departments.

Set up the self-service portal for ticket submission, with significant customization, attached FAQs, and embedded links to external resources.

For the first time, measuring the performance of commercial support and design teams.

The speed, centralization and accuracy of SysAid-based ticket routing, services, and support distinguishes Sintec from the competition and helps sell its business optimization packages.

With advanced automation, the IT support desk is saving significant time resolving issues and responding to requests.

Consistency and coordination is maintained across the business as it scales up to meet the needs of a growing client base.